A Snowy Saturday

Loveys, we are snowed in over here. It's practically a blizzard. It's been blowin' and snowin' for hours now. So we're warm inside. I've got pepper steak in the crockpot. I'm planning to make a lemon pie later. I just finished washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Now I've got approximately two minutes before Lincoln wakes up from his nap and I'm back on duty. I love snow days, but we can start to feel stir crazy. Jeff's had to play 'angels' in Ashtyn's room for a while and I know he's ready for something else. :) I don't mind them playing in her room, of course, but Ash is in a "Lincoln's not allowed into her room" phase. So Mommy and Linc get even more quality time together while Daddy and Ash play. This would be fine, but I've had to hold Linc so much lately that I swear my hips are out of alignment and my back is starting to hurt. He just trails after me crying for me to hold him. And I love that he wants me. But my hips can't take much more.

Last night we had sort of a last-minute date night. I realized late that the daycare center the kids go to was having parents night out. I do so appreciate parents night out, but they charge so much! Still, it's convenient. And Jeff and I both had been saying we needed a date. We needed to make a quick dash to a friend's birthday party. Then I had to make a quick run to the airport and I just barely made it back in time to drop the kids off at daycare and for Jeff and I to head off for dinner alone. Gosh, dinner alone is such a luxury these days. But as soon as we ate, we were exhausted and ready to go home. Ha! We were on the clock and there was no way we were picking up the kids until closer to 10 so we ended up going to the mall (I just love walking through Pottery Barn Kids for ideas for Ash's room) and then to Barnes and Noble. It was nice just to be able to walk and talk without the kids for a while.

Jeff and I are about to transition Ashtyn from a toddler bed to a twin-size bed. I know that will change the look of her room, but it will be a fun change. If you have a link to your fave little girl room ideas (or your own little girl's room), please include that in your comment! I really want to do a quilt bedspread for Ash. Here are some ideas I took from Pottery Barn Kids:

On another note, I'm really wanting to host some guest posts soon. So if you've got an idea for a guest post, email me and we'll chat about it. I'm open to mommy posts, cooking posts, faith posts, and just lifestyle posts. If what you're writing seems to fit with my blog, let me know. And as for my regular loveys, I'm going to be contacting some of you to see if you'd be willing to write up a guest post for me. Also, if anyone wants to do a button swap, email me and let's do it!

OK, Linc's awake and the pepper steak is starting to smell delicious so I better run!


  1. I love all the PBK things! And yay for a date night!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. I think we're done with snow here in Oklahoma City. Hope you guys are staying warm.

    I like your ideas for your daughter's room. She'll love whatever you do. :)



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