Those Days...You know the ones

Do you know what a fat day is? What about a bad hair day? Of course you do (at least, if you're a woman!). It's those days when your fave jeans feel tighter than you want them to. Or when your bangs have grown out to that annoying place where you have to blow them out of your face. It's when you're just not feeling it when you look in the mirror. It's when you're so pale you resemble the mounds of snow in your driveway.

I know those days. I really know them. I don't like them. (I may or may not have had several of these lately.)

Here's something else I'm not crazy about: checkpoints on a to-do list that never get checked off. I had a few must-do's on my list for the weekend. One was to get my bedroom back in order.

It's 10:37 pm. There is a strong likelihood that I'm typing in my office and mere feet away is a bedroom that is not in order.

(FYI, on Jeff's to-do list was fixing the temperature problem in our house. I'm fairly certain that was not checked off and that he is not the slightest bit bothered by that.)

I know I was home a lot this weekend. I mean, there was practically a blizzard here Saturday. But I also know I felt busy. I don't know how my room managed to escape my priority. But here I am. Frustrated that it's worse than it was when this weekend began. I'm also thinking I may need to go back on my Texas diet, which always makes me so very sad. At least, when I actually get to Texas, all diets are gone with the wind. I'm thinking this next Texas trip will be wonderful. For one thing, Ash and Linc already had chickenpox the last time we went. There's a good chance we will be plague-free this time around. :)

The weekend is over. My to-do list will have to carry over into next week. Last night as we were about to fall asleep, I started thinking of things I needed to remember. So I quickly tell Jeff to remind me about so-and-so. Then I think of something else. Three times after doing this, Jeff tells me, "I'm getting worried I can't remember all this stuff, Bran!" Poor Jeff. This morning, we could both only remember two of my issues. This is troubling because there were for sure three. Do you do this? I seriously have to write stuff down on my notepad and keep it posted on the fridge to remind myself of what I've got going on during the week.

A big one on my to-do list this weekend was to transition Ash to her new twin bed (rather than the toddler bed).  We've been able to move the toddler bed to our office, so that's progress. But I've noticed that she's brought in a pillow and blankets and made up the toddler bed so that it's still available for sleeping if she needs it. She came in yesterday morning to lay in it for a little while. So, obviously, we're taking our time saying goodbye to the baby bed. I'll say more about this later and post pics of Ashtyn's new big-girl bed.


  1. I feel ya! I did not get nearly what I wanted accomplished and lounged in pajamas until 4pm Sat and Sun...I do not feel guilty lol. I guess i just needed one of those days! We avoided the bed troubles by moving Lil mister straight to a twin bed. The transition from crib was hard but I only had to do it once!!

  2. Hi Brandy, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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