Friday's Letters



Dear Self,
Stop taking the top off the crockpot. I know the brisket in red wine smells good, but let it cook, will ya?
Dear Library,
You're cramping my obsession with Sean Bean in Sharpe. Seriously. I know I'm probably one of five people who are watching this ancient show. So why am I having to wait forever for it to come in?
Dear Ladies Group at the Church,
I've been looking forward to joining you for weeks. Now the night has finally come, and I'm not feeling up to going. Here's hoping for next week.
Dear Ash,
You were so cute this morning. I was so happy to get a few cuddle moments with you before Linc woke up. I love that when I told you I don't want you to grow up and get a very-big-girl bed, your answer was, "Did you know grasshoppers hop hop hop?"
Dear Linc,
You are the cutest thing ever. But Mommy will scream if she has to tell you to stop turning off the TV for the millionth time. We watch that thing. Leave it on, bud.
Dear Jeff,
This is a friendly reminder that the air circulation in our home has gone haywire. Please fix it.

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  1. Love your letters-I should try it!
    New follower from Aloha Friday.


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