A Hayley Mills Afternoon

So I grew up watching Hayley Mills movies. I love this girl. Parent Trap, Summer Magic, Pollyana, That Darn Cat, Moonspinners--Sara and I watched these over and over while we were growing up.

At a playdate the other day, one of the moms was talking about how her daughter (five years old) finally likes to watch Mary Poppins. I can't get Ash to watch what she calls "people movies" yet. If it's not animated, she's not interested. But it did get me thinking about the "people movies" I know I want to introduce her to as she gets older. I've mentioned before that I watched a lot of Shirley Temple movies when I was little. And movies like Mary Poppins and Swiss Family Robinson were definitely favorites. Part of the fun of having a little girl is the hope that she'll love all the movies we love! Do you have any oldies-but-goodies you want to introduce to your kids?

I was in a meeting the other day and I had with me my Downton Abbey planner. One of the guys mentioned that his daughters (he has eight! Ages 16 down to 2) love all the Jane Austen movies and so he figures it's just a matter of time before he's forced to watch Downton Abbey at his house. Wow, eight daughters. We were a family of girls at my house too (except for my Dad, of course) and so Shirley Temple and Hayley Mills movies were followed by Anne of Green Gables and Courage Mountain and Little Women, followed by Sense and Sensibility and Wives and Daughters and Pride and Predjudice and Gone with the Wind. (My dad has seen them all! Getting my husband to watch anything with a musical number in it is impossible!)

When I was younger, I watched a lot of old movies with my grandmother. She introduced me to Bette Davis movies (which I love! Now Voyager is my favorite). Not only are those good memories of time spent with my Mimi, but it gave me an appreciation for classics. I so hope to instill a little of that into my daughter. I've had my Mimi on my mind lately (see picture of her below). We'll be going to Texas soon and I'm excited to see all of my Texas family. Not to mention, I can't wait to eat at all of my favorite restaurants! Speaking of restaurants, my 83-year-old grandmother (my mom's mother) is opening a diner down in the valley (Harlingen, Texas) in a couple of weeks. How on earth does she have that kind of energy? Climbing the stairs in my house makes me want to take a vacation. I'm telling you, my Grandma Dori is an inspiration.

Anyway, I'm just feeling like it's a Hayley Mills kind of afternoon. I'd love more than anything to spend the day watching a marathon with my Mimi, but we're states apart. Not for long! I'll see you soon! :)
What kind of classic movies are your favorite? What movies take you back to your childhood, and make you want to share those experiences with your kids?

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  1. I used to love Shirley Temple movies too, but I think my favourites were always the Gene Kelly ones. I had the hugest crush on that man when I was little!


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