Ashtyn's Room (Wordless Wednesday . . . well, a few words)

So I told you guys that I'd post pics of Ash's room once the new big girl bed was set up. It does take up more room than the toddler bed, of course, but really, it wasn't too overwhelming. She still has lots of room to play and loves being in her room. Ash has done great with the transition. At first, she seemed hesitant. But once we actually set up the bed in all its glory--she loved it and was so ready to sleep in it. So it's been easy peasy. I love it for so many reasons, the main one being that every time I see it, I think "30 dollars" because that's how much it cost me! The frame was free and the mattresses were just $30. I am a bargain shopper if ever there was one.

Jeff spray-painted the bed for me to match the crown (from Etsy, btw). Love it!



  1. Oh wow! I love this bedroom! Looks a lot more expensive than it was and I really like the princess crown idea.

  2. Love the whole thing! She's a lucky girl :)
    Thanks for linking up for WW!


  3. how neat the room is and how cute your little girl is :)


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