Easter Bliss!

How was your Easter, loveys? Naturally, I had wanted to have people over and then Ashtyn got sick at the start of the week. I took her to the doctor lickety-split and got medicine. All seemed well until I woke up Thursday feeling iffy, and then iffy turned into really awful Friday morning. So I took myself to the doctor lickety-split and got on medication, too; hoping I'd be well for Sunday and could still have guests. Thankfully, I was feeling stronger come Saturday and so we were able to have a gathering of family and friends on Easter Sunday. The kids woke up to Easter baskets, we went to church services, came home, and ran around like mad trying to get everything cooked and cleaned and ready. But everything turned out great. The food was good. The table setting turned out like I wanted it to.

My smart sis and her hubby brought bubbles for all the kids, who had a blast out in the backyard blowing bubbles. The weather was perfect for an Easter party (i.e. lots of dads watching the kids outside while the moms got to stay cool indoors and talk). :) It was a wonderful day. There is just something special about spending holidays with friends and family. I don't mind a bit of chaos if it means I get to spend time with friends. And now that I have kids, I realize that chaos comes along with every gathering! But it was a fantastic, beautiful day and I loved it.

Now I'm telling myself to stop eating chocolate (confession: I just ate a Cadbery egg). I should mention that Ashtyn had her very first piece of bubble gum at the party yesterday (thanks to Aunt Sara, who gave her a little gum ball toy). It was a big hit with Ashtyn. She took very seriously our many warnings to just chew it for a little while and spit it out. Approximately every five minutes, she went to the trash can, spit out her gum, and got another piece immediately.

So just for a few reminders of our Easter this year, we took the kids to an Easter Egg drop hosted by our church the day before Easter. Then at our Easter party, we had some yummy pepper appetizers courtesy of my friend Hana. My friend Anja made from scratch this amazing carrot and mango cake. So good. My sis brought one of our favorites, watergate salad. I love this stuff. My grandmother always made it on holidays and Sara has continued the tradition. Jeff and I bought a ham and I made cornbread dressing and mashed potatoes. Add rolls and green bean casserole and strawberry salad to that and you have a wonderful Easter dinner. Oh, and a lot of candy. :) My mom sent Ashtyn a new Easter dress.

This was Linc's second Easter. Time flies, I know. He was all over the place and loved getting to play outside with the other kids. Uncle Nemo helped him go down the big slide, so he was basically thrilled.

It was a great day. I love Easter. He is risen, you know.

He is risen indeed.

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  1. Such a beautiful Easter table setting! Nice job!


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