Girls' Afternoon Out

So recently I went to a ladies' tea at the church nearby. We used to go to that church and we still have friends there. My lovely friend Alyssa invited me to go and I was thrilled to do so. I love time out with the girls. And really, I'm one of those women who just loves having tea. Growing up, I only ever drank tea when I was sick. When my throat hurt, my mother would make me hot tea (with honey, if we had it). But it didn't have cream and sugar and it wasn't my favorite. I think my newfound love of tea started when we moved to Colorado and I went to tea at the Glen Eyrie castle. Tea at a castle just sounds like the epitome of having tea to me, and I fell in love with "tea time." My sister and I regularly go have tea together in Denver. For two girls who love Jane Austen and all those delicious BBC movies, tea is right up our alley. You know what I think I really like about it? Having tea is meant to be leisurely. It's not meant to be a super fast experience. And in a fast-paced society like ours, I need to slow down.

This morning after I'd laid Linc down for a nap, Ash came into the office, dressed up in her dress-up clothes and asking if I'd like to have tea in her room (and telling me that her name was now Cinderella). How can I say no to that? So we sat together at her tiny table and had a pretend tea party until Linc started crying. I said to her, "Do you hear that? What's that sound?" Ash replied, "Um, that's a baby brother crying." Right. So our time was cut short, but you know what I was thinking? I love that Ash and I will always be able to have tea together (or coffee or whatever). I want to be able to take her out for tea and coffee even after she's a grown-up girl. She's finally getting to the point where she'll let me read to her and has the patience to hear an entire Berenstain Bear's book. I can't tell you how this thrills me. I love reading with her (when she actually listens and doesn't move every second). And I want this to be part of her childhood.

How has your day been, loveys? We've had a lovely spring snow day over here. That should be a contradiction of terms, but here in Colorado, it's just a reality. Freezing weather, snow falling all day--that's April for you. I feel lucky that I'm able to stay home on such days. I knew from the moment I saw the snow outside that a lot of Curious George was in my immediate future.

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