Chocolate . . . Friendship for Dessert

I am definitely a fan of chocolate. Early this morning, one of my girlfriends dropped off this little bit of goodness for me. Talk about starting your day off well! Friendship and chocolate. #Love.

A little bit later, we had a playdate at our house that ended up with 12 kids and five moms. Madness, I know. But a good kind of madness. The kind with kids playing and the warmth of friendship. (And the occasional scream and burst of tears and crumbs everywhere and women reminding kids to share.) Then my sweet friend from Germany (who just got back from visiting her family and friends over there) surprised me with these delights. I am in heaven!
It seems to me that my friends know I'm a sugar girl. :) I'm fine with that because, honestly, I want these girls in my life to know me. The more you're with people, the more you know them--not just their preferences when it comes to food either. You know their hopes, their dreams, their life. That's the fabric of friendship. It's like dessert--wonderful!.

Today, a carmel apple spice latte blessed me first thing this morning because it meant my friend April thought of me. And this amazing chocolate from Germany tells me that Anja thought of me on her trip and I so appreciate that.

Here's my thought: How do we show our friends and family that we care about them? I had two great examples of that in my life today. It takes intentionality and purpose and love. All good things. And chocolate is always a good idea. :) I think I might need to pass on the love, and think of a friend whom I can bless soon.

It was a chaotic time at my house today, but I loved every minute of it. One of the kids, Joey, said, "Is this a playdate?" His mom, Nancy, said, "Yes! We're having a playdate." Then Joey says, "Then why does it feel like a party?" Smiles all around. People sharing life together does feel like a party sometimes.

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