Tastes of Texas

Loveys, well, after a week of being down south, I woke up in Colorado this morning. It's always good to be home after a trip, but there's always sadness that comes with saying goodbye to family and friends. We had a wonderful whirlwind of a trip to Texas and Louisiana. There never seems to be quite enough time, but we tried to squeeze in as much as we could. It's amazing how easy it is to feel at home the moment we arrive in Texas. It all comes back to you . . . the humidity . . . the mosquitoes . . . and on a brighter note, the food. Southern food, yes please. I had a list of places I absolutely had to go to. It started out with my aunt's minestrone when we arrived. Amazing. Once I find the recipe she gave me, I'll share it with you guys. #must.try.will.love. She made cookie cake (Texas sheet cake) for dessert. (Swoon.)

Then we went to Margarita's in Conroe, Texas. I go there for the queso puff. I love it. Then we move on to China Delight. Their sweet and sour chicken is my all-time fave Chinese food. Then donuts and kolaches for breakfast from Shipley's. (Mouth is watering.) We stopped at Catfish King in Lufkin, Texas (where my dad grew up). I could have eated about five of the special catch plates. (Please give me more.) Then cheese spaghetti and lemon bars made by my mother-in-law. Yum. We had ice cream at her shop too. Then back to Texas where we stopped for lunch at Luby's. I totally understand that some people are wondering why cafeteria food is on my list. Because Luby's was my home away from home while I was growing up and their food is awesome. That's why. My family ate there all the time. Okay, then dinner with friends at 7 Leguas in Magnolia. (Really good Mexican food.) Spaghetti dinner and wine at my aunt's house topped off with delicious banana pudding made by my cousin. We finished up our trip with cheese coneys from James Coney Island.

There's just nothing like the tastes of Texas. And eating good food with family and friends. Our last night in Texas, we sat around the table at my Tia's house and I thought about how there's just something so comfortable about being with the people who've known you your entire life. And how food brings us together.
I'll have lots more posts about our trip coming up. So ta-ta for now! 

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  1. Well, I'm hungry now! Love all of those places!!


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