The Bruce Duck Tales

Do you guys watch Duck Dynasty? I confess I've only seen it a couple of times, but it's pretty hilarious. Jeff's family lives close to Monroe in Louisiana so we went over to the Duck Dynasty warehouses while we were in town. Those beards are out of control. So when we went to have dinner in Houston with my family, I noticed that my cousins Jason and Vic were both rockin' the beard look too. Interesting. Now we've come home and my husband, who normally shaves religiously every day, looks like he's growing a beard. Hmm. I told him that I think guys usually grow beards during the winter. Not summer. That comment didn't land with him so for now I've got a mountain man in my home. Maybe that's what's going on here. In the not too distant future Jeff's going up to the mountains on a hiking trip with his buddies. He's just prepping for that. (To be honest, I think he looks pretty cute with it so I'm okay with the summer beard for now.)

On a different note, it's so quiet in my house right now. I'll be honest and tell you that I took an extra vacation day for some alone time. Yesterday we jumped back into the swing of things. The kids went to daycare and I unpacked and went grocery shopping and then dived into work for a while. They came home and I kept working through their naptime, then everyone woke up with a vengeance. Lincoln was all over the place. I know they have to get back into a routine and being home was good for them but Linc wanted me to hold him constantly. This resulted in me holding him while warming up something in the microwave. All that to say that Linc hit the microwave door with his superbaby strength and it hit my face to the point where I cried and went out into the garage by myself to try to calm down.

(Speaking of superbaby strength, did I tell you that Linc pulled out the shade that slides up and down over the little windows on the airplane? Besides being terrified that my 20-month-old son was going to bring down the plane, I couldn't for the life of me get it fixed. Plus, I was scared I would make it worse. I had all these visions of a huge hole in the plane and those oxygen masks dropping. So I waited till we landed to force that thing back where it was supposed to be. #strongbaby)

So . . . I needed a little decompress time. It's amazing what a luxury a little quiet, alone time is when you're a mom. I can see work looming over me next week, but for today, for this moment, I'm enjoying the Colorado morning. I think I'll go down and make another cup of coffee.

Be blessed today, lovey.

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  1. Love the summer beard! Too funny.


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