The Spice of Life

Hello Loveys! How are all of you on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend? We had a lovely afternoon at my beautiful friend Hana's house. Hana and her husband are from Africa and she made us a delicious authentic Ethiopian dinner. I was just thinking how wonderful it is to live surrounded by a community of friends. (And how difficult it is to have a complete conversation when you have a 20-month-old.) I just love the girls that God has placed in my life and I'm grateful for their friendship.

I've mentioned that when I was growing up my family went to a small church where everyone felt like family. While I was recently in Texas, I stopped by the church we used to go to in order to meet up with one of the girls I've been friends with since I was in the second grade. My family went to that church from the time I was in second grade until I graduated high school. So Cory and I have known each other a very long time. She and I walked into the sanctuary together. It's been a really long time since I've been there, and I just felt overcome by emotion. A lump welled up in my throat and tears burned my eyes. I could see my family there on "our" pew over on the left, standing while we sang "Just as I Am" week after week during my childhood and adolescence. It was a significant chapter in my life. I love that I'm still friends with people like Cory, people who knew me then and remember that season of our lives.

It's a fact that friendship is a gift.

We go through seasons of our lives. Right now, I'm in the young family season, where I have small children. God has given me specific people to share this season with. It's a gift. Having people who care about you, who know you and love you . . . it's a gift.

There are people in my life, like my sisters Sara and Laura, who will be there for every season, who will walk with me through all the years. But there are also people who choose to be part of my life story at different times. I'm thankful for both.

Can you think back and remember important friendships throughout the seasons of your life? Good friends are the spice of life. And any life needs spice. :)

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