Are you there, Coffee? It's me, Brandy.

I feel like I need coffee.

However it's 9:40 pm. So maybe I just need sleep.

Loveys, I'm tired. I woke up tired this morning, had a very full day, and now, at 9:40 pm, I'm feeling the same way I felt this morning when Jeff told me for the third time that I really had to get up. So after I chat with you for a few minutes, I'm putting away the stack of work that's sitting next to me and turning out the lights. Ash just got out of her bed for . . . I'm not sure how many times she's gotten up now. Lost count. I told Jeff that he's on duty for dealing with that situation. Linc just woke up again so I fed him another bottle and hope that he's now down for the night. Like his mama is about to be.

I had this surreal moment today. I went to lunch with the two girls interning in our department for the summer. I sat across from them at Panera and shared my story of becoming an editor and listened to them talk about where they are in life and their aspirations for the future. Surreal . . . because it just seemed like it wasn't that long ago that I was the intern and Mick (one of the younger editors) was talking to me about his journey to working in book publishing. In reality, several years have passed, I guess. I'm now the editor getting to know the new interns. And so much has changed since those early days. Notably, Ash and Linc have entered my life and changed my identity. Becoming a mother changes you forever. The days spent with my young children are both long and short--at the same time. There's not enough time and yet it goes by too fast. You know what I mean.

It's been a long but good Tuesday. Tomorrow it starts all over again. I must go to sleep.

Exodus 33:14, And He said, "My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest."


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