Gray Sky Wednesday

It's a gray sky Wednesday, loveys. It was chilly and misty this morning and the grayness is lingering today. And I need to be cleaning house, instead, I just moved stuff over on my bed, grabbed my laptop and decided to talk to you. Reasons why I should be cleaning: One, I've got a playdate with a friend at my house in the morning, and two, one of Jeff's bff's from Texas is coming into town tomorrow. (P.S. Better not mention to Jeff that I referred to Tab as his bff. But seriously! What's the guy term for bff?) Anyway, so we've got company coming. Yet, I am unmoved from my spot.

How are you at house duties, loveys? I feel overrun by them at the moment. This morning felt like a whirlwind as we got the kids ready for daycare, fed everyone breakfast, and got ourselves ready and out the door. I looked around at the kitchen and said, "Why can't we be one of those families that keeps things in order? The families where the beds are always made?"

Jeff's answer as he poured apple juice was, "Don't even, Bran."

Okay, okay. I know that in the busyness of the morning, lamenting on a messy kitchen doesn't help us get out the door. And since we're limited on time and energy, it's always going to feel just a little like a whirlwind. I'm not sure the answer is another gold-star chart. I think Jeff's answer sometimes just has to do. You've got to do what you've got to do and leave the beds for later.

What about you, loveys? Are you that 'together' family that leaves your spic-and-span clean house in the morning? (Do they even exist?) If you are, more power to you. If you're not, join my non-spic-and-span club. Staying on top of the house chores feels like a huge task that requires more motivation than I can summon at this moment.

The thing is, I work better in an organized, clean space. I just do. I function better and feel happier when I'm not buried under laundry and dishes. (I know what you're thinking: the answer is a maid service! Ha! Try convincing the Jeffster.) For me, sometimes it's worth it to use my little energy left to clean up so that I feel more relaxed later. Sometimes I just need to rest and try not to think about it.

I do think it's a balancing act. A messy house all the time can't work for me. It leaves me unhappy. But a clean house all the time is not reality for me. So it takes some pull and release on my part. Pull to clean up when I need to, and the ability to release and let it go when I just don't have the energy, accepting that it will come later and it's okay to wait until that point. Life is a pull and release kind of dance, don't you think?

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  1. Love Jeff's response, "Don't even Bran." Hilarious.


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