Mambo Italiano

It's been an Italian day for me, loveys. I realized I've got one of my early deadlines for my book project right around the corner, which means I've had to immerse my thoughts with book stuff. This has to do with cover art and such, so I've been searching online, looking for photos that capture the essence of my story.

Actually, I've really enjoyed this. I'm a food-lover and my book has a sort of restaurant theme to it (Italian, to be exact). It's the kind of day where I want to dance around my kitchen to the sound of Michael Buble singing Sway! I feel like watching something like No Reservations and eating something delicious.

So, I decided to make bruschetta for lunch. This was new for me and I'm so thrilled that it turned out great. I am SO making this at my next dinner party! I went with some girlfriends to a local restaurant last week and we had bruschetta and it was to-die-for good. I was reminded that I needed to learn how to make it. So today was the day. Success, people! I will come back and share the recipe soon. I found a recipe online but tweaked it according to what I had at the house available to me. It was super easy and fast to make.

It's a been a full-to-the-limit week for the Bruce family. Whatever happened to lazy summer days, loveys? I feel like they don't exist this year. Well, I guess we haven't lost them entirely. This morning when Ashtyn woke up and came downstairs, she sat at the table with her bedhead hair and said, "Is it a home day, Mommy?" This is what she calls days where we stay home. I smiled. I like home days too. Especially home days that include dancing in the kitchen and eating bruschetta.

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