Take Me Out

I'm on my third glass of sweet tea. I just had two slices of leftover pizza. Linc's down for a nap. Ash is curled up on the couch watching a movie. And I'm wondering why it's always freezing downstairs in my kitchen and blazing hot upstairs in my kids' rooms.

I think I'm feeling a little emotional. More on that later.

It's the weekend, Loveys. I know. Thank all that's good. We made it. Our weekend started off by going to a Rockies game in Denver Friday night. Great fun. The sky was gorgeous. A beautiful night in downtown Denver, Colorado. We went with some new friends from our small group.

It was a great night for a ballgame. And since I'd literally been on-the-go since 7 am that morning, sitting down sans kids with friends was a very welcome experience. We've had this night planned to hang out with Mike and Nisha for weeks, so it was nice to spend some time with them. Also, there's something very excellent about talking with people who love 90s music and understand how awesome The OC  was. :)
Up until last night, I sort of felt like I'd been spinning all day. Rushing to get the kids ready. Rushing to make my staff meeting first thing at the office. Rushing to answer emails before I left the office. Growling as I sat in traffic. Rushing into the post office to mail a package that absolutely had to be mailed. Rushing home to try to make one of my first deadlines on my own book project. Typing away and receiving a phone call from work with my director and marketing coordinator on the line, saying I needed to be part of a conference call with our co-publisher in 30 seconds. Hearing Linc cry in the background (and the dog howling two doors down) as I helped choose a book cover. Hanging up and finishing my own work on my own book cover. Then cleaning up in a frenzy before the babysitter arrived, stopping only to place an order from Pizza Hut. Jeff came home. The babysitter arrived. We left to drive downtown.
Phew. I'm exhausted just telling you about it.
Before I even woke up this morning, Jeff had left to help our friends load their U-Haul (the same friends we had the dinner party for). I went over to say goodbye later and left when it became clear Linc needed a nap. So I'm driving home with the kids, thinking about all the emotions that come with moving. For friends, but even more so for the people actually moving. Saying goodbye is sad. It's like the end of an era, you know?
It can make you feel emotional. And since I've been teetering on the brink of emotional for weeks now, it doesn't take much to push me over the edge. I came home from the game last night, and Sara and Nemo were here watching the kids (they took over for the sitter). There's something nice and calming about coming home and going over my day with my sister. It sounds like the third Brumble sister will be flying out to Colorado before too long. So the three Brumble girls will be together again soon. Good times ahead for this girl.

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