Father Abraham

"Father Abraham had many sons." That's the song we sang a million times as the kids and my sis Laura and I sat on the side of the road Wednesday, out of gas.

It was one of those weeks, lovey. The kind where I run up on the curb Tuesday and pull the fender off Jeff's car. Except that there's one screw that won't give up the ghost so I just drove home with half of it dragging on the ground. If you're wondering if I felt ghetto--you know the answer. Then I drive to the Mexican restaurant near us to get tamales for dinner and the man working there will not let me leave with the fender on the ground. He went and got a second screw and got the other side to stay up temporarily. Seriously, I appreciate nice people.

Wednesday my emotions are hanging by a thread. I go to the dentist first thing in the morning and when I go to leave, I back up into a decorative rock in the parking lot. That emotional thread? Yeah. It was over. I drove home, sat on the sidewalk and just cried. Then I pack up Laura and the kids to go somewhere and we run out of gas. It's 95 degrees. Thank goodness Laura was with me, reminding me that it was totally okay as we were sweating.

By Friday, I'm teetering on the edge. I call my mom on the way home from work and I'm crying again. I'm just sort of a basket case and yet I'm throwing a party Saturday night. Do you ever know that feeling? Where you're crazy but people mistakenly think you're normal?

Anyway, that's why I love that God gave me sisters. Because they can know I'm crazy on the inside and love me anyway. Sara and Laura were there to help with the party and just having them by me makes me feel more normal. It makes me feel like I'm whole because I've got those other two pieces of my heart surrounding me. Late after everyone left, Sara and Laura are emptying my dishwasher and eating leftover bruschetta and spinach artichoke dip, and just seeing those two girls in my kitchen is a blessing I can't even describe.

It was a fun girls' night. We ate chocolate fondue and appetizers and we talked and laughed and drank wine and coffee and crowded around my table and passed around questions about random things and I loved hearing every person's answer.

And even though I was crazy on the inside (and fighting a cold. Who gets a cold during summer? Me, of course. Have mercy. As if I wasn't already low on energy), I felt happy at the end of the night because sometimes you just need people. I'm rather introverted, so I completely understand needing to be alone. Sometimes I really need to be alone. But sometimes you need people to surround you.

I'm tired tonight, loveys. It's been a packed weekend. I've spent hours upon hours working on my book. I've used up a million tissues with this summertime cold that's bothering me. We went to birthday parties and small group and I hosted a girls' night. And as I sit here at this moment, reflecting over my time spent this weekend and how I'm feeling--I just think that there's a lot to be thankful for. Tonight in the car on the way to my friend's house for a birthday party, Ash said, "Mommy, your voice is funny. You sound sick." I told her that I wasn't feeling great. She asks me if we need to pray that I get better. I tell her that would be perfect. So she prays for me out loud from the back seat.

And nothing sounds quite so sweet as that.

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