Happy Birthday, America!

It's so hot outside. I'm from Texas so I feel a twinge guilty saying that out here in Colorado, but loveys, it is SO hot today. I've been outside, half under the shade, the lower half of me allowed sunlight in the hope that my moonbeam-esque legs will tan a bit. We decided we needed a low-key 4th. With how much I've been working, just to be home and sit outside and watch the kids splash in the baby pool is wonderful. We went to Village Inn at the crack of dawn when we all woke up starving and this mama didn't feel like cooking. It was a good decision. French toast and pancakes and bacon and hash browns, cooked by someone else.

Then we came home and Jeff descended into the basement where I hear things being hammered and sawed and such. (He's framing today.)  Soon I'll peel potatoes for potato salad and he'll fire up the grill for some steak. I've got corn on the cob soaking. And while I had planned on peach cobbler today, I think I'm going to end up with a simple lemon pie. Easy for me to whip up. And today's an easy kind of day. Linc's been asleep for a while so I've had a few wonderful moments of sitting outside in the quiet, reading Bread and Wine. I am in love with this book. It's just so refreshing. That's what I need at this moment. To be refreshed.

I'm sitting by the door, watching Ash play on the deck (it was too hot for me but she insists). She's wearing this red, white, and blue tank top that Jeff bought her this week. (Her face is almost as red as the shirt at this moment. At least a few clouds have passed over.) I love that Jeff comes home with things like a new tank top for Ash. That he walks around the store and goes to the section where he can find something for his little girl. Love.

It's a good day. A home day.

I was thinking of America and such on this Independence Day and how much I love being an American. I love my American house, my American food, my American holidays, my American colors, our American troops. It's not perfect, but it's a really great country and I'm tremendously thankful for it.

How has your 4th been, loveys? BBQ? Hot dogs? Trifle cakes? Fireworks?

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your comment over on my (in)courage article, "Love in the Dark." Enjoying checking out your writing here.


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