The Wedding Dress

Marriage. It's on my mind.
Last night L-to-the-B and I went out with some of my girlfriends for dinner. Super fun. Her visit is nearing the end so I was glad we could do a girls' night before she's headed back to Texas. At the dinner table we started talking about some more anniversary pics Jeff and I took Saturday. Our 10-year wedding anniversary was in February and you might remember that my other sis Sara took some uh-mazing pics for us in downtown Denver on our anniversary. Super fun.
Here's the lowdown: We decided to celebrate our 10-year anniversary by renewing our vows and taking some new, fun, fresh wedding pics. I have loved that decision. So I basically lived on just oxygen for a while to fit into my wedding dress, and we took pics while it was freezing outside in February. I love, love, love those pictures! But I also wanted some more mountain-ish pics, so I'd told Laura a long time ago that I wanted her to take a couple when she came out this summer. Saturday was a good day for it. (Except for the fussy children, but what can you do?) See below how a few turned out.
It was a crowded day at Garden of the gods and lots of people were calling out "Congratulations!" to us. So sweet and nice to hear. :) There's just something extremely fun about wedding dresses (I don't think Jeff feels the same way about suits). Ashtyn kept asking me if I was marrying Daddy, and I kept assuring her that we were already married. Then she informed me that she'll be getting married. Probably after she turns five.

Good heavens.

I told her that "twenty-five is the age we should be aiming for, sweetheart."

It was a great day. We spent the rest of the afternoon in Manitou Springs. And I've just pored over the pictures, loving them. It's fun to look back at our old wedding pics, of course. But there's something really cool to me about capturing who we are now--ten years into this thing called marriage. Ten years ago I couldn't have dreamed up Ashtyn and Lincoln and Colorado and nine years of being a book editor and signing a book deal and Jeff having his own Edward Jones office. It's an ongoing journey. Ten years from now, I can look back, though, and remember where we were on the journey. (And remember that I had bangs at that point in time. Ha!)

Last night at Cheesecake Factory, Nancy, Hana, April, Anja, and I shared our wedding stories--what we liked, what we would do differently, weddings in Kenya, weddings in Germany, weddings with 500 guests (Hello Hana!) and small, intimate weddings with just family and a couple of friends. I loved hearing the stories. (And we gave Laura advice, of course!) A wedding is an incredibly special moment in a person's life--but that's the thing. It's only a moment. A doorway into a lifetime of moments. It's like stepping through a gate. That was the wedding. This is the marriage.

We had a great time last night. There was so much laughter that I think we annoyed the people around us! I love those kinds of nights. Conversation, good food, laughing over each other, sharing the stories of our lives. We talked about where our wedding dresses are now. What about you, lovey? Where's your dress? Did you donate it? Is it in a closet somewhere? Under your bed? At your parents' house? Go ahead and tell us, we want to know. :)



  1. Beautiful! And what a wonderful idea to wear your wedding dress for these photos!

  2. I love how you do this every year!!! And high 5 to still fitting into your dress and of course looking gorgeous :)

  3. Beautiful! And what a wonderful idea to wear your wedding dress for these photos!


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