Mid-Week Thoughts on Summer

I am holding on to summer like it's a great dress on sale. In other words, not letting go. I feel like its trying to leave or something! No! Summer, stay.

You know I adore fall, but I'm not ready for summer to go yet. My bff Michelle and her daughter, Gillian, were here for the past few days and we've been doing summer stuff. Like sitting out on the deck while the kids play, eating watermelon. And going out for fro-yo. And all that good stuff.

They left this morning and I was thinking that I need to again clean my house (I have this argument with myself daily). And I was feeling worried that summer might be leaving. School has started and that always seems to be a catalyst for fall.

I just need a few more golden summer days. As I write this, I also think to myself that I need a few more afternoon naps. Just because. Sleep can be hard to come by when you're parenting, you know.

So I feel like this summer has passed by like a speed boat. I can't believe it's almost September. We never even went up to the mountains like I thought we would! I guess the days got away from us. For the Bruce family, this summer has consisted of an early trip to Texas and Louisiana, a visit from Tia Laura, Jeff working double time in the basement, me working long hours to get book projects done, days playing in the backyard, Ashtyn starting kindergarten and turning five, and now a trip from Michelle and Gillian. It will also include a trip from my mom and dad, who will be coming out to visit us soon (right around my birthday actually, in case anyone reading this needs a reminder that it will soon be my birthday!). I like to be helpful about reminding my family that it will soon be my birthday. :)

We just had Ash's birthday and it was awesome, and Sara took amazing pictures that I hope to share with you soon.

I'm so thankful for summer, for warmth and playtime and fun memories and grilling outside and visitors and all that comes with summertime.

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  1. I also feel like summer has passed by SO QUICKLY!!! I'm ready for fall, but I know I'll get stir crazy over winer! Glad you guys have been having fun!


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