The Deep Breath

I'm always telling Ash to "Take a breather." You know, when they're running around like mad (or you are!). When they're crying and upset to the point of hyperventilating. When they're talking too fast or can't communicate their feelings.

"Take a breather." In other words, slow down. Give yourself a minute. Take a deep breath. Sit down. (For those of us from Texas, "Hold your horses!") What we're really saying is, "Calm down. It's going to be okay."

I think this week I needed to take a breather.

We started off the week (Sunday morning) with Linc not feeling well. So he was out of sorts until about Tuesday. We took him to the doctor Monday to make sure it was nothing serious. He was okay; he just had a rough couple of days. Which translates to not a lot of sleep for mom and dad and a fussy baby. I'm also a little overloaded with work at the moment and trying to play catch up with how much I have to do. (It's Friday, but I already know my Friday night will consist of me and my laptop, editing away. And maybe Pride and Prejudice on mute.) This week was fuller than I expected it to be in some ways. We had some last-minute invites for dinner with friends (which was so nice! Thank you!).

I'm glad because despite the busyness of summer, it was one of my goals to have dinner with friends as much as possible this season. But here we are at the weekend and my priority needs to be work. It just does and that's okay. That's life.

Here's where my deep breath came into play this week. It was mid-week and I was feeling a hurricane of emotions and responsibilities, and then, after contemplating, I took a second to read my devotional before leaving for work that morning. I just picked it up to read and then sat down with it in my hands as the words--so absolutely on target with my need--seeped into my heart. God met me at that moment. Reassuring me. Speaking truth to me. Showing me that without a doubt he was right there in the center of my life, my situation, my moment.

I love when that happens.

Then I got to work and opened up my email and up popped the other daily devotional that comes to my inbox. I clicked on the email and everything quieted for me. Almost the same message to me, reassuring me, speaking truth to me, reminding me in a very clear way that I'm never alone.

God cared enough to make sure I heard the message twice. I took a deep breath.

Refocus. Reexamine my heart and thoughts. Pause for a moment and receive that truth from the scripture in front of me. Let it be what directs my day.

Sometimes we have to do that. Sometimes we have to take the moments we need to get fresh perspective. Especially when we're emotionally charged, I think taking a breather is in order. Stop. Sit down and breathe. Read a devotion. Pray. Look at the situation from different points of view. Pray for the ability to extend grace in all situations, because at the center of it all, that's what we're called to do.

I was reminded of that twice on Wednesday.

In all honesty, as August 14th gets closer, I think I'm feeling a little sensitive. Ashtyn is about to start kindergarten. We're thinking it's going to be full days now, rather than half days, which has tossed me into a tornado of anxiety. Is she ready for this? Am I ready for this? I know we're about to embark on a new schedule and a new routine, which can be overwhelming for both kids and parents. At the same time, a slew of deadlines have rushed back to jump in front of me. So there's a lot to juggle as we tackle this new season of life.

Seems like a good time for a covering of grace and reminder to breathe.

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  1. Love that picture of Ash! Beautiful.
    I am feeling overwhelmed as well. Thanks for the reminder to "Take a breather!"


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