So you know that I desperately need to be writing. I mean writing a certain book (other than blogging, I know. I'll keep this quick). I'm one of those writers who needs inspiration. It usually comes in the form of a movie. I like to have either music playing or a movie on while I write (the movie's usually muted). I like to be in a clean space. I like to have yummy-smelling candles lit. And then I like to somehow, magically, find the right words to type.

It doesn't always go quite that smoothly. But you've got to have something to aim for. While I was working on my book project this spring, I'd have Sense and Sensibility on, or Pride and Prejudice. Or I'd listen to Christmas music. Always, Christmas music inspires me.

During a very important job interview, I was once asked how I deal with conflict. I still can't believe that I answered that question by saying, "I listen to Christmas music." Oh, but I did. (Shockingly, I did get the job. Christmas music helps with conflict, people! You can't be too upset if you're listening to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.)

I am not that great at interviews. At another interview, I told the person interviewing me that I was really hungry. So they gave me a snack to eat. During the interview! (Now I'm trying to forget that ever happened. Never mind.)

Back to writing. I love it. I'm a writer. It's a huge part of who I am. Knowing I'm someone who loves words, I was introduced to this online proofreader called Grammarly. You might think that since I'm an editor, I don't need such things. Trust me when I say that you'd be wrong. I'm terrible at responding to things or typing up something in a flash and sending it off without double checking. And then what happens? Tragically, I'll find something wrong. And then I go through the whole thing of yelling at myself again and again, saying,  "Slow down for the sake of your reputation!" :) 

So extra proofing is a good thing. I tried out Grammarly to grammar check this blog post, because, honestly, time spent proofing could be time spent researching the next season of Downton Abbey, or you know, making Rice Krispie treats. I won't tell you how many mistakes they caught, because, really, yummy-smelling might not be the best way to describe something, but it works!

I was free from plagiarism, however, which is always a positive thing.

There are days when writing seems effortless. The words flow out of you. Then there are all those other days. But the awesome thing about writing is that you're sharing a little of who you are. Pieces of you are being captured when you write. Imagine if we didn't have the delicious, beautiful words of Jane Austen or the depressing but genius words of Charles Dickens or the fantastic, imaginative words of J.K. Rowling. Words matter. They last. They tell stories. They tell secrets. They can be hurtful or beautiful or magical. Don't be afraid to fill up spaces, writing. Start a blog. Write a book. Write an article. Write a letter. Write a status update on facebook. :)

If it's in you . . . write.

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