The Thing About Birthdays . . .

 The thing about birthdays is that you can depend on them. Another year past. Another year begun. Linc has just turned two. I can scarcely believe it. My little guy, two. Wasn't it just yesterday I was researching pirate parties on Pinterest? Now we just had a Curious George party for this little gorgeous boy who's all boy and just so adorable. Instead of combining the kids' parties like last year, we decided to host two this year. Both to celebrate both kids, but for one we had a cupcake cake for Ash, and for this party yesterday, we had a cake for Lincoln. And today is my birthday. So we're just about partied out. Ash's party was a couple of weeks ago and it was just so special, with so many of our wonderful friends with us. My best friend from Texas was out here with her daughter at just the right time so they were at the party too. How fun!
Our church journey group came over to join us in celebrating the kids' birthdays Sunday and it was a great day. My parents arrived in town late Saturday night, so they were able to join us too. Along with Sara and Nemo, of course. Sara and Nemo got Linc the sweetest trike I've ever seen. This thing is the Cadillac of trikes. So cool.

It's a pretty big deal that my parents were here. We live far apart, so I think this is the first birthday party they've been able to attend. And they were here for my birthday too! I feel all kinds of family love going on right now. :) I'm so thankful my parents were able to be here today. My sister and brother-in-law were awesome and babysat the kiddos so Jeff and I could go out to dinner with my parents.

My kids are a year older.
I'm a year older.
I think back to the kids' party last year, and I think of where we are now. And I realize that what we've got here is a basketful of blessings. To be completely honest, it wasn't the easiest year we've had. But that's all right. I'm not the only one for whom it wasn't quite the easiest year. But God has been really faithful to me. I know He's always faithful, but the hard truth is that sometimes it's easier to see it than others (and believe it). And I've seen it and felt it this year, and it's made all the difference.
My children are two and five now. I am so incredibly blessed to be their mother. And I'm 34 today, and it amazes me how I still feel so strongly the love of the family God gave me. And that's just sort of magic. To be so loved and to love so much is a gift. Family is such a wonderful thing. And birthdays, well, they keep coming. Sometimes faster than we would like. But it's another year spent with people I love. It's another year of life experiences. And I have to wonder what the next year will bring. More time with family, I hope. More conversations with friends. More joyful experiences with Jeff and the kids. More quiet moments where I only hear my fingers typing away as stories come to life. More time in prayer. More laughing out loud. More great movies and good books. More life to come.
And more cake. :)

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