And the Band Played

So it's been super cold here in Colorado. Perfect for staying in and making chocolate peanut-butter balls. Ash and her Mamaw (Jeff's mother) made these little bits of goodness tonight. Yesterday we went to the festival in our little town, which was fun, but we were pretty cold. And once Ash gets super cold, all fun is gone and it's time to get warm. But we were able to go for a little while and see the marching band, drink hot cocoa, snap a few pictures, and hear Christmas carols. All of which are wonderful experiences. Also, Jeff and I were able to go see Catching Fire last night, which was awesome and I want to see it again pronto. So family time and then date night--a recipe for a great day. :)
We got home after going to the movie and all was well . . . till about one a.m. At which point Linc woke up feeling really sick. So the next few hours were rough and we got a whole lot less sleep than we would have expected. Poor guy. I think he caught a stomach virus. He had a fever all day and was way more lethargic than is usual for our little active dinosaur. But he's been drinking fluids and taking meds and watching plenty of Diego.
Can Thanksgiving really already be here? I feel like this fall has escaped me. I'll turn around and Christmas will be here. So I'm prepping myself this week for making my Mimi's dressing for Thanksgiving dinner. It's our first year that Mimi is now with Jesus, and I know making the dressing will be emotional for me. She'll be in my heart this Thanksgiving, that's for sure. I'm hoping Linc will be doing better by then. It seems like we've had several Thanksgivings where the kids have gotten sick. I suppose it's this time of year.
I'm tired tonight, loveys. Yesterday was a full day, followed by an unexpected night of sickness for Linc, followed by church this morning and Chinese food for dinner (this mom was too tired to cook), followed by the Sofia special on TV and chocolate peanut-butter balls. Watching Ash and her Mamaw bake together tonight was so fun. I know grandparents are a gift. 

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