Creaking Doors and Delicious Breakfast

So last Sunday my sister Sara and I went for a little overnight excursion to a B&B in Denver. It was sisters' night out, if you will. This had been on the calendar for a long time, and our night finally came. So. Much. Fun. We started out by going to this cool restaurant in Denver called Rootdown (which Sara swears she didn't research this beforehand, seeing as how it was a rather healthy restaurant and she's healthy and I'm not quite as much). But honestly, it was sooo good and super fun to sit out on the terrace under these big heaters and actually get a fantastic view of the city. Talk about atmosphere! I loved it. However, they had these jars of water on the table. So Sara asked the waiter for a glass of ice water instead. You know . . . water with ice? Very common in these parts? He looked at her like it was a foreign concept! Seriously! But he was nice enough to bring it out. Then there was her sister (myself) who apparently can't really read a menu. In my defense, it was dark out there! But I ordered the pink salmon. Except, friends, that there was no pink salmon on the menu. I'm pointing it out to the waitress and she's confused and then I realize that . . . oh . . . never mind. Don't mind me. I'm confused as well.

Embarrassing moment.

On the way back to the B&B we stop at the Saver mart for snacks. We're farther downtown than we're used to, and I'll just be honest, it can be sketch down there. So we go in and stop because they are selling movies right inside the mart. All the movies are like five dollars each. We're noticing the covers look a little different and then we're noticing that the movies are like . . .  movies that are still in theaters in some cases.

Hmm. Tricky. Then a man just walks up out of the blue, very much invading personal space, watching us like hawks. After a second, I'm like, "Um, are you selling these?" I get a very serious nod. Okay. Um, are these like, pirated videos since I'm thinking this one is still at the movie theater? Are you really allowed to sell these movies inside the grocery store? I feel like I would be afraid to do that. And . . . um, what's the quality? Somebody didn't record this with their phone while watching the movie, right? Cause five dollars does sound like a pretty good deal... No, I didn't ask those questions aloud. Sara and I just walked briskly through the store, picking up a few things and leaving as quickly as possible. The guy was still stationed there at the entrance with the "black market movies"  when we left.

Then we went to our B&B. This is where it gets really interesting. Now for Sara and I--girls who love Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre (a touch of gothic!)--our imaginations immediately jump to overdrive in the right conditions. So the B&B is this big old mansion of a house and we realized once we entered that we were the only people there. So cool (and a bit scary). The stairs creak, there are massive paintings of people on the walls, and there are antiques everywhere. There's a book on the history of the place with stories about it being haunted (in one particular instance, by a cat, not quite as terrifying). What do we do? Explore every nook and cranny, of course. We went through all the rooms, which were all so neat. Then in the back, there's a room that's off limits. We realize that people live back there, but it sounds quiet. Being alone in that really big house--well, every creak can make you a little nervous. But we locked the door, turned on Downton Abbey season 3, and enjoyed our sister night. There was this itty bitty shower that made Sara and I laugh. You know that scene in the movie The Holiday, where Cameron Diaz looks at the bathtub and just says, "That will be interesting"? Yeah, that's one of my favorite scenes. And we lived that scene when Sara and I saw the shower. Hilarious!

In the morning, a basket with breakfast was left by our door. So fun! A picnic breakfast in our room as we watched White Christmas!

However, Sara did say she saw the shadow of a cat run past the door. Creepy. Because the owners don't have cats, you see. . . . . (Cue Halloween music and cackling laughter,) :)

Seriously, though, it was super fun and I'm so thankful to Sara for arranging the whole thing (it was a birthday present for me). Such a wonderful night. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful sisters like the ones God has given me. It was a night of making memories. Watching Christmas movies, snacking on chocolate, playing Heart and Soul down on the piano in the living area (since we were the only two there!), scaring ourselves by going into all the rooms--what can I say? Fun times, loveys.

Do you ever do that sort of thing with your sisters or maybe best friends? It can be hard to steal a little time to go away, but it can be really good. Time invested in relationships is a good thing.

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