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Happy Thanksgiving, Loveys! Isn't Thanksgiving such a great holiday? All the delicious food without the pressure of presents. Not that I mind presents at Christmas, I just see the virtues of a holiday like Thanksgiving. But of course, it's a precursor to Black Friday, which brings out the crazies (like myself) at all kinds of ridiculous hours.

 Thanksgiving sort of kicks off the countdown to Christmas, you know. Speaking of which, I'll be doing a Christmas giveaway on my blog soon, so stay tuned! Fun stuff!

At the church where I grew up, we did a Thanksgiving breakfast on the Sunday morning around Thanksgiving. I loved it and those breakfasts are special memories to me. At Christmas, we did "promises from Jesus." These were Bible verses (promises from Scripture) on little scraps of paper, in a bowl or a hat or something, and everyone drew one. That was your promise, your gift. I love those memories as well. Though, really, those days feel like a lifetime ago to me. They were like a lifetime ago, I suppose. I was a different girl then. A very young girl.

Now I'm a wife and a mother and someone's who's been working for a long time. Times have changed for me since those days. But they're still ingrained in places on my heart. Around the table at my house today, we all said what we're thankful for. Faith, family, food, home--so many things. My mother-in-law and Jeff's stepdad were with us, which was an added blessing.

I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday because sometimes we need to remember to be thankful. More days than not, we can be consumed by what we want. Thanksgiving helps us think about what we have.

This is my prayer today: Thank you, Lord, for Ashtyn and Lincoln and Jeff. For a home that's comfortable and peaceful and happy. For my parents and my sisters and all of my family. Thank you for Jesus and for a faith that makes my life better, richer, fuller. Thank you for love and peace and joy, and please help me to live out those things to the people around me.

You know, food has been important since, I don't know, forever. Even in Bible stories, they talk about preparing food and making special meals and all that (think, killing the fatted calf and that sort of thing). A special dinner is not a new concept. It's tradition. I love that Thanksgiving is a holiday where we have a special meal. I feel blessed to be able to cook for my family, to prepare food. So here's a glimpse of the Bruce family Thanksgiving this year. I hope yours has been beautiful and lovely and filled with good food and family and faith.

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