November Brunch

There's something delicious about a crisp (but not frigid!) November morning. The kind where friends are in and out of your house. The door's opening and closing, the cool breeze blowing in and out with people and children. I was thinking this morning about those sorts of blessings amid the busyness of life.
And gosh, has this week been busy. Physical therapy, parent/teacher conferences, buying a car, overlapping conference calls, catching up with friends, coffee with my sister . . . the juggling of life. It's been a good kind of busy though. The kind of week that feels full, but full of the things that make up who we are. Decisions and work, laughter and stories, tears and talking moments, even carpool and cooking diner--those things are the patchwork of our lives, aren't they?

Jeff and I have been talking about working in a more structured schedule for the kids. This is not an easy change since we run a pretty laid-back household. But I know structure is a good thing. It's going to take more effort on our part, I know. But every Monday offers the opportunity for a new beginning. I say Monday--that seems to be the day I start diets, new resolutions to be a better person, intentions to be more consistent about things . . . you know what I mean. So come Monday, the Bruces will attempt to be a more structured family. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I've noticed on Facebook that people are talking about what they're thankful for every day this month. November does seem to be a good month for being especially thankful. It's a good month for learning about pilgrims and buying turkeys too.

Today, I'm thankful for a new (to us) vehicle, I'm thankful for all my friends who were so kind and thoughtful in regards to the loss of my grandmother--notes and dinner and chocolate kisses and cat-sitting while we were out of town and gifts for the kids for the drive to Texas--all so appreciated. I'm thankful for November brunch with girlfriends and sharing Thanksgiving traditions. I'm thankful for my princess and dinosaur who have the sniffles tonight. I'm thankful for Jeff and all he does for our family. I'm thankful for memories of my Mimi. I'm thankful for falling leaves, and chili in the crockpot, and gingerbread-scented candles, and peppermint hot chocolate.

I'm thankful tomorrow is Friday. After such a full week, I'm in desperate need of Friday and I'm blessed to spend it with my family. My soon-to-be-structured family. :)

What are you thankful for tonight, lovey?     

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