Checking My List Twice

So I slipped on ice yesterday.
Yep. Slipped and slid and fell in our driveway. Falling on ice in your work clothes is never cool. It's never cool no matter what you're wearing, but I think jeans might have helped.
It was a long day. It started with leaving at the crack of dawn to make it to my court appearance for a traffic ticket, which was dismissed (thankfully!). Then I jumped into a meeting I didn't realize I had. Got home, the school called. Ash had a teeny accident so I had to wake up Linc and head to pick her up. At which point, I slipped and fell on ice in the driveway. Picked myself back up and rushed to get Ash.

Another day in the life. The bright spot was that I had time to stop by Panera on my way to work (after leaving the courthouse). So I was able to have a pumpkin pie bagel. You know how that fills my heart with happiness. :)
Despite the craziness of yesterday (and going to bed early because my neck was killing me) I have to say it always feels good to check things off my to-do list. That court appearance has been weighing on my mind. Checking that off was great. Even going to meetings sometimes feels like an accomplishment--another thing to check off. Today I took Ash to school, ran by the store for a couple of things I needed, stood in line forever at the post office to mail two packages to my giveaway winners, dropped off movies and books at the library and picked a few more up, then came home where all I wanted for lunch was a cinnamon roll (or three). Yesterday I mailed just a couple of Christmas cards to our immediate family. I gave our neighbor cookies and a card, and I've got two more of those sets to give to our other neighbors when they get home. Excellent.
Check. Check. Check. My list feels lighter.
I've got physical therapy later today (which is badly needed at the moment) and then tomorrow is Friday. Another week in December has vanished! But a week with things checked off my list. We're doing good. I've just about finished my shopping (but I'm freaking out that something hasn't arrived from Amazon yet. Anyone else feeling me on that time crunch?), but I looked at the presents wrapped under my tree and thought to myself today, Gosh, I went light on gifts this year.
Then I remembered. I wanted to go lighter on gifts. Christmas is not all about gifts. I want less pressure to buy a million gifts for everyone. Saying it's not all about gifts and actually living it out can feel difficult when you want to fill up the bottom of your tree. So I shook my head at the urge to run back out to the store, and reminded myself that it's okay to stop. It's going to be a fabulous Christmas this year. I'm excited about the gifts I have for my family. I'm excited for time spent with family. I'm excited for so many things. I can't wait to see Ash and Linc open presents from Santa on Christmas morning.
Christmas with family. Evenings with friends. It doesn't have to be glamorous or super expensive. That's not who I am anyway. Christmas reminds us that Jesus came in simplicity. Baby in a manger, loveys.
Baby in a manger.
So check back soon! I'm going to give a report on my ornament exchange parties this year and have some tips on hosting a super easy, low-key holiday girls' night in at your house! Falalalala!

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