Holiday Parties and Giveaway Winner!

Merry Christmas, Loveys! How are you? So our lucky giveaway winner was September Rae! Congrats! I'll be emailing you soon. My runner up was Alisha! You'll be hearing from me too.

We are in full holiday swing over at the Bruce house. I'm loving it. Except I have to consult my calendar every ten minutes because every day has something I need to do or remember. I went to a December brunch/baby shower this past weekend. It's been in the works for a while because a good friend of ours moved out to the mountains and we had to make plans for her to drive back down with the baby so we could all get together. It can be hard to find a time that works for almost everyone. I know it's a busy time for all of us. Squeezing in get-togethers can seem a bit difficult. But as I was there with these girls I've known so long, I kept thinking, It's worth it. Nancy, Mel, and I go way back before we had enough kids to fill a nursery! Ha! It's nice to keep nurturing those ties that bind.

Old friends and new--having people in our lives is a gift. Sharing moments of laughter and talking, having people to call on for help when you need it, knowing there's someone around the corner if you're feeling fragile one day. I know there are girls in Texas who love me and know me from my very young days. Those friendships are treasures in my heart. There are girls in Virginia (and beyond) who were there during my college days and who still are precious to me. There are women right around me here in Colorado whom I thank God for and who make up a support network that is invaluable to me.    

You know, I hosted a November brunch last month at my house and I'm starting to think it's something I want to keep up: A brunch every month at someone's house. Because time together with good friends is just so refreshing. 

How about you? Has it been a season of holiday parties and get-togethers for you? Or maybe it's been a quieter season at home (I love those too). Sometimes you might wonder whether you're up for hosting. But if you're in the mood for a party, dive in and invite a few people over! It doesn't have to be fancy. If I've learned anything about having girlfriends over, it's that if you get some women together with a pot of coffee and some cake, it's going to be a fun time. :) Meanwhile you're fostering relationships and creating bonds with the women in your life.

Whether it's a potluck brunch one morning or an evening with appetizers and wine, holiday parties are extra fun because Christmas is all around us this time of year. And mixing those in with a few quiet mornings where you're home alone, catching up on housework and keeping your little ones in pj's all day--it's a blend of those days that make up our lives. Days we go out, days we stay in, days we need quiet, days we need voices. Make sure you're getting both.

This morning I'm home with Lincoln. My house needs some serious attention, but I'm having a cup of coffee first. I hear Captain Hook in the living room and Linc's running around, asking for marshmallows every minute.

It's Monday, Loveys. How are you?

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