Making Spirits Bright: A Christmastime Post

So today I took the kids to see Santa. Having not grown up believing in Santa myself, I'm still a little new at the Santa thing. This is the second year we've gone to see Santa at the library here in town and it was the same Santa this year! (Phew!) He's a good Santa and the kids had a great time. Ashtyn asked for a Barbie guitar (what in the world!) and Lincoln asked for a 'bad guy.' (Excellent, I know. Santa just laughed.)

As we're leaving and walking through the like-four-degree parking lot, Ash says quietly, "Mom, was that the real Santa?"

I take a (cold) breath and say, "Well, we know Santa has lots of helpers this time of year. But he seemed like the real one to me. So maybe."

She smiles. "He seems like the real one to me too."

Adorable. We rushed her back to school and she pretty much felt like the cool kid for getting to be late in order to see Santa. :) It was a super fun morning. And I have a feeling this childlike belief won't last too long, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. But you know what I started thinking about?

It takes childlike faith to believe in Santa and elves and all that. And Santa is fun, of course. But the real magic of Christmas comes from another type of faith. The faith to believe in a Baby in a manger on a starry night in Bethlehem. Sometimes that takes childlike faith too. To believe that God sent his Son to live among us and reconcile us to Him. To believe that hosts of angels sang and wise men traveled to see Jesus. It's a magical story if I've ever heard one.

And I believe it.

The magic of Christmas is the beauty of belief. Love came down.

We're 20 days from Christmas. And gosh, it's cold here in Colorado. It's negative ten degrees outside right now. We're warm and snug in our house tonight and I'm so thankful for all we have. I've got a lengthy to-do list and parties coming up and shopping that needs to be done and when it's this cold I just want to stay home. And despite all of that . . .

The magic is that love came down. Don't miss that essential part of the story. It's what makes Christmas so wonderful and real.


  1. I love Santa's too, even though I am grown up!! And I've met some real looking santas which have made me question if they really exist. LOL !!

    P.S- I found you from the Fun Friday Blog Hop, now a follower :)

  2. I always think about the scripture of coming to God with child-like faith when I read things like this. :) It's a beautiful thing. :) I'm visiting today from Fun Friday.

  3. OMG they are so cute!!!
    Loved reading your post! & love your blog!
    I thought I was following you on twitter, but I was wrong! I am following now though!

  4. I love that song! Childlike faith definitely something that is sad when lost over time. My husband and I enjoyed watching the Bible Series this year. It was inspiring to us to see Jesus not in such a textual way. Your little ones are adorable!

    My name is Heather and I blog over at I hope you have a great weekend!


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