Butterfly Sandwiches

Do you remember, way back in the day, there was this really popular song called Butterfly Kisses? Well, that song came back to me this morning as I was making Ashtyn's lunch. We have this butterfly cookie cutter thing that's for sandwiches (I think my mom gave it to us). And Ash always wants me to make her 'butterfly sandwiches', today included. That song, Butterfly Kisses, is sort of a tear-jerker. You know those kind, about our kids growing up so fast and how the days of receiving butterfly kisses from them (or making them sandwiches for their lunchboxes) go by so quickly.

It's true, I know. And the truth of it can tug at our emotions.

So I'm thankful for butterfly sandwiches today, and for the privilege of making them for Ashtyn. Motherhood. It's a blessing. It comes with rollercoaster emotions, no doubt about that, but I wouldn't trade it for all the peace and quiet and tranquility in the world. There's something about parenting that changes most of us. You have to be willing to put these little people first, and you love them so much that it's not even a sacrifice. It's just life.

Lincoln just raced by me and stopped behind the kitchen island, then yelled, "Mom! I'm hiding over here!"

Good to know. :)

As much as I love my role as a mom, I've been reminded lately that I have to find ways to rest. The effects from my car accident have been lingering (unfortunately), and between work and being a mom, there have been several moments lately where the end of the day comes (or even before the end) and I have nothing left to give. My neck is aching. There are a million things on my mind. And I'm tired. I have a feeling lots of us feel that way at the end of the day, actually. You know . . . spent.
Then morning comes and my little girl is saying "Can I have a butterfly sandwich? Puh-lease, Mom! Please!"

And she knows I'm going to say yes.

It's the juggling act we seem to have down pat. Keep going. Keep breathing. One thing after another until we're done. Some days are easier than others, but that's how it goes sometimes. Then, just as you're making PB&J sandwiches, you remember, This is absolutely the life I want. And you smile.

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