Change in Our Lives

I woke up with all these good intentions today of drinking tons of water and eating healthful. But my sister mailed Jeff and myself an anniversary package of chocolate, so I'm instead snacking on Reeses peanut butter cups and sitting down for a cup of coffee (as I think about all the craziness going on in my life). I've told you guys before that I rather like change. (At least, sometimes.) And I think I get this from my mother, who used to always rearrange our living room furniture just to have a change. I told you guys that we've had our house on the market. We've had about 24 house showings, almost all of them since Christmas. Do you know how nuts that can make you? Trying to make the house a showroom every morning before you leave for work and Kindergarten and daycare and everything else? Driving around for hours in the car because you have a showing that means you have to be out of the house most of your Saturday? It's been a lot to deal with over the past month. Add in weeks of working under looming deadlines and you understand my need for chocolate.

It's okay.

Despite the craziness, it really is.

Lincoln woke me up at about 5 am this morning. After getting him back to sleep, I realized I'd woken up with allergies. Not fun. It's been one of those mornings. A little emotional. A runny nose. Tired. Lincoln actually knocked out asleep on the sofa, which he never does. So I think he's feeling the same way I am. He and I are home today, which is good, because it's FREEZING outside, and I absolutely don't want to go anywhere. I have work to do anyway. So besides running up to the school to drop off Ash's forgotten lunch--I'm home, turning up the heater every few minutes, sipping coffee and thinking about change.

I'm pretty sure 2014 will be a year of some changes for me.

And I'm pretty sure it will start with moving. We plan to stay in our same town, but we're ready for a change of atmosphere so we'll be looking for a new house. This excites me. It's stressful, of course. But at the same time, Jeff and I are just really okay with this kind of crazy. :)

Sometimes change is a good thing. It can give you a fresh start. It can give you a new sense of direction. It can feel like a new adventure. I like those things. I'm someone who can start to feel restless. Jeff is that way too. Which is good because we're usually on the same page when it comes to needing a change.

I do start to feel a little panicked at the thought of packing and moving amid my work schedule at the moment. What do we do when we feel panicked? Call in the troops, of course. I'm thinking my mother will come. Thankfully my sister Sara isn't far. I'll probably need her to come keep me calm as I try to pack. I've found that when I'm going nuts, calling my family to help is a must.

Last night after our church journey group, Jeff and I came home and sat on the couch together to watch Downton Abbey. We have a standing date on Sunday nights--at 9:00 we hold hands and watch Downton Abbey. One of my favorite parts of my weekend. It's our constant in a week of chaos sometimes! I will probably be holding on to those "constants" now more than ever with more change coming for us in the next couple of months.

We need constants. Friends. Family. (TV shows!) Routines. And sometimes we need change. A little spice in our lives. :) A new perspective. A new atmosphere. A new vision for our future. I think both are good and healthy. We're praying for God to lead us in this adventure. Because sometimes, truly, we need a little adventure, don't you think?


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