Small . . . But Mighty

"Do you think it's okay for me to take Linc with me to physical therapy?" I asked my sister this week. I had an appointment and that little superhero would most likely be with me.

"Oh, sure. He's so little; it'll be fine," she answered.

"Well, he's small . . ." I agreed, then hesitated. "Small but mighty though." And we both started laughing at the truth in this statement. Lincoln's the kind of little superhero who likes to run at people and roar like a dinosaur. And being still is not his favorite.

That got me thinking later about things that are "small but mighty" in our lives. A busy work project, for example. In the grand scheme of the world, its importance doesn't match up with things like tsunamis and suffering and world hunger and such. But in the day-by-day, it can make a huge impact on how I'm feeling and my emotional status as a wife and mother. And it matters in my life. Our jobs matter. They're how we pay our bills and feed our families and keep our homes warm and all those other necessary things.

They matter, right? But they shouldn't rule our hearts. In other words, my joy in life shouldn't be zapped because a project has issues. My joy shouldn't be zapped because Linc decided to have a super fussy day and drive his mother crazy.

I'm thinking we need to have a joy reserve. A steady stream deep inside us that keeps flowing regardless of our daily responsibilities.

This week has been hectic for me. There's no other way to say it. I had major deadlines and I've been on overdrive. But today I'm home with Linc. That's how it works for us. So I woke up before 7:00 to go to the dentist by 7:00 (the only time I can fit it in!). I laid out clothes for school for Ash and then took off. Came back in time to relieve Jeff, who rushed to work. Then I rushed to take Ash to school. I came home and decided I needed a better start to my morning. So I whipped up scrambled eggs and sausage and toast and a cup of coffee, and sat down for a few quiet moments (sort of quiet, the sound of Bubble Guppies was in the background but that's totally fine). I got the meat for turkey enchiladas in the crockpot to help with dinnertime later. Made the beds and straightened up (our house is on the market so we do this constantly). And now I'm sitting here. I need to put Linc down for a nap soon because I have a conference call in half an hour.

That's a glimpse into my daily life. I think it looks pretty similar to lots of us moms. :) Busy. Full. Ongoing.


It's there, right? The joy? Deep down, it's there for me. I can feel it this morning. And I'm not going to let go of it. I'm thankful for my work. It helps my family. It helps me in many ways. I'm thankful for friends, many of whom jumped in to help answer questions for me this week when I needed some extra material/research. Thanks, girls. Your friendship means so much. I'm thankful for my princess and superhero. I'm borderline obsessed with these kids, really. I mean, who wouldn't be? They're so amazing. I'm thankful for Jeff, who works hard and loves this family as much as I do.

Hectic. Crazy. Overwhelmed.


Keeping things in perspective. There are work problems and issues, and dentist/doctor/therapy appointments, and lunches to make, and kids to raise, and prayers to pray. There are people suffering and hurting in huge ways and we need to have the capacity to handle our daily lives and still carve out room to really care.

It's an intricate dance, to be sure.

We can do it.

Because even small things can make a mighty impact. That includes us. A little joy goes a long way.

Lovey, dig deep today. Let's do this together.

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