Cartwheels and Other Things I Can't Do

If I could, I'd be doing a cartwheel right now. Seriously.
I came home Friday and a box of these beauties was on my doorstep. How lovely. I can't even tell you how fun that is for me. :) And I'm just so thrilled with how the story turned out! I HOPE all of you will rush over to Amazon and buy a copy on March 1st, which is the day it releases. (Don't worry, loveys, I'll remind you.) And then remember to rush back and leave a review for me! (Only if you like it though!) Go here to check out the link on Amazon now. I feel like Jo March in that scene in Little Women when she shouts in disbelief, "I'm an author!" I am so very grateful.
There's nothing quite like opening up your own box of books. For a book-lover like me, it's just like Christmas morning. I'm sitting here tonight, about to watch Downton Abbey (hasn't this season been so great? I'm loving it!), surrounded by boxes. We did a lot of packing this weekend and it's all starting to feel real. Pictures off the walls, mattresses on the floor now, you know what I mean. It feels like we're in transit. And we are, I suppose. And it's exciting. (And exhausting.)  My mom arrived in town today. Yay! So thankful for her help and support right now when my to-do list is feeling full. I was thinking about how I hope one day, I'm the kind of mom whom Ashtyn calls when she's overwhelmed because she knows I'll come. I'm blessed to be part of this family. My sister and brother-in-law babysat the kiddos Saturday night so that Jeff and I could have a night out and celebrate our anniversary. Ash and Linc absolutely love it when Sara and Nemo babysit. It always means fun.
Right now, I'm thinking back to February 8th, 2003. A wedding. Vows. Promises made. I was nervous on that day, to be honest. Nervous and happy and jittery and anxious and emotional. My dad was crying. Just writing that makes me cry at this moment. He was. My mother was smiling. My sisters were there . . . part of me. Both of them are part of me forever. Friends were there . . . the day went by quickly. And I've learned that a wedding and a marriage are two different things. Both are special. But the marriage is the real gift.
And now . . . an anniversary. Another step in the journey together. Promises remade. Remembered. Celebrated.
Love. Children. Laughter. Tears. Days. Life.
We said "I do." He kissed me. We began this adventure together. It's not perfect. That's okay. Love is messy sometimes.
It's still beautiful.
It's a gift. And it's a whole lot of grace given and received.
 I'm thankful for the journey. It's been full of surprises. Like the box of novels on my doorstep this week. How wonderful! It just fills my heart with joy. So hop over to Amazon and get ready to dive into Mandy's story on March 1st. I think you'll enjoy it. :)

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  1. Your book sounds wonderful! I love stories that center around food! Looking forward to reading it! Have a blessed week! :-)


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