Chill Out . . . Oh Wait! We're Frozen Already!

Loveys, it's negative two degrees right now. That's an improvement from the negative fifteen we were at recently.

It's chilly. In a major way.

It has been so cold lately. So cold that I keep praying for the homeless people and the kids who still have to walk to school when it's so far below freezing and the animals that are shivering outside. It's a bitter cold. I'm so thankful to be warm inside and to know my kids are warm in their beds asleep. But my heart goes out to the people who are cold tonight, because I know there are many. And I know that Coloradans aren't the only ones feeling it right now. So many states are experiencing the same kind of arctic that we are. We need to be praying for those out in the elements.

Have I mentioned that I'm looking forward to spring? Oh, well I am. :) We'll most likely be living in an apartment for the next several months. So spring and summer will be in close, cozy quarters for my family. Still, wherever we are, it's a blessing to know we'll be warm and together. And with a winter this deep and frigid, the thought of warm weather, flowers, sunshine--well, those are happy thoughts. I'm also hoping for a slower schedule. The weeks have felt full to me, and I feel like I need a little less. That's not really possible right now--not while we're packing and I have a book to write and several to edit and Linc's been sick with a cold and Jeff is busy and Ash needs to work on her sight words--and so on and so on.

My mother is coming soon. I keep reminding myself of that. Reminding myself that help is on the way. I'm thankful she's coming. And amid everything, my wedding anniversary is Saturday.

Eleven years married. Fifteen together. Gosh, that's a long time. Ups and downs. Valleys and peaks. Vacations and babies. It's been a whole year since Jeff and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary with wedding photos and renewing our vows. How did that year slip by so fast? It went by in a blink. And here we are, celebrating another one. Marriage. There are long days and short days. Wonderful days and difficult days. Eleven years in and I'm still learning how to navigate this life together. What I know for sure is this, having someone who's promised to be in your life through thick and thin--that's a blessing. And this little family that's come from that original promise--well, this family is the joy of my heart.

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