Snowy Decisions

So I'm sitting in our home office upstairs, watching the gorgeous snow drift down like a blanket on Colorado, and hearing the chaos downstairs that is Jeff, Ash, and Linc. I disappeared upstairs to do some work but got distracted by the snow. There's nothing like being warm and cozy inside, with the curtains drawn so you can watch the snowflakes fall. It makes me so glad to live in Colorado. The snow is beautiful this evening. The laughter downstairs is beautiful too. And here I am, surrounded by manuscripts, about to dive back into all the work before me.

The snow is picking up now, but it's been drifting down off and on all day. And even in the snow, we've had things to do. A second inspection on our house, a birthday party, and--most importantly--signing the contract on our new lot! Very exciting. So if everything goes according to plan, we'll be building a house (very close to our old one actually) and moving in late this summer. I can't wait! I'm already envisioning birthday parties at our new house, dinner parties with friends, girls' movie nights, and nights just like this one, where it's cold and snowy and we're warm and the sound of my kids running and laughing is around every corner.

We had some friends over the other night from our church group, and I was so glad we did because I kept thinking that it may be a while before we're settled enough to have people over again. And when I look around at my house right now, I have tons of memories of having friends and family fill the rooms. I think of play dates and dinner dates and parties and brunch and the guys coming for UFC night and Christmas dinner with my family and Easter with friends--and on and on and on. I think of my best friend Michelle helping me put up decorations for Ashtyn's birthday party. I think of Nancy and I spending all afternoon together, just talking at the table while the kids played. I think of Mel bringing dinner after Lincoln was born. I think of Sara and Nemo staying overnight to watch the kids on our anniversary. I think of Heather, Sara's best friend, here from Texas during my baby shower. My parents, Jeff's mom and step-dad--moments with family in this house. My girlfriends coming over for brunch. My journey group girls here for girls' night, along with Sara and Laura.

It's been a great home for us.

But I'm excited for the next chapter.

When I look at the rooms in my house, I think of the people who've been here with us. That's the best part to me, inviting people to share life with us, making memories. And I think of the people who live right here with me. The truth is that, to me, home is wherever Jeff and Ashtyn and Lincoln are. They are home to me.

But there's nothing wrong with a new house, right? :) We're excited to see it all unfold. And hopefully, it will work out according to plan. And if not, that's okay. I trust God to lead our family. I'll keep you posted on our progress.

It's getting darker over here, and the snow is coming down harder. It's piling up on our back deck. The house smells like lasagna, and Jeff's pulling out ice cream for the kids. And I'm thinking it's time to put on pajamas and maybe make a cup of hot chocolate.

And cold, snowy days that are filled with decisions and moments where life goes in a new direction--I'm thinking these days are ones to be grateful for. And in the hectic pace of life, and the fact that I know without a doubt more chaos is coming (packing and moving and working and writing)--I think maybe I need to remember to end each day with gratitude. There will be stress. But there's still so much to be thankful for.

It's a heart decision.

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  1. Congratulations! I love moving...seems odd, but I do! Cathartic, almost.


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