That Point Beyond

So, it's moving week!

Seriously, you know how you are soooo grateful for friends when it comes to moving? It's impossible to do it alone. (Though the Jeffster is pretty amazing at getting things done.) We had some guys show up (and June and the kids!) and they got everything done like that (imagine me snapping my fingers). And I was just so happy to see all those guys help Jeff move heavy stuff. Blanca B. (aka my mother) helped me pack everything (she's awesome like that) and helped with 100 other things. And the move happened. We are at our new place. Well, temporary new place. But still! Positives! Oh . . . we've held off on moving the cat. But she arrives today. And so after a long day of moving, my friend Danielle shows up with dinner and I love her for it. You never realize how much you need things like a friend dropping off a casserole until it happens. And then you're like, Oh yes. I needed this. So the big part of the move is behind us and we're moving forward! So thankful.  
And I'm typing this at Panera since said new place has no Internet at the moment. Which is fantastic when you're under two crazy deadlines.
Pish posh.
I've been working like mad for nearly 3 hours. Now I leave to go clean like mad.
But still. I'm just thankful. Because God goes with us on our journey, you know? He goes before us and with us and that's something to rest in.
And friends go with us, too. And that's a blessing of epic proportions on moving day.
So the countdown has begun for my novel to be released, loveys! March 1st, don't forget! And DON'T FORGET to hop over after you've finished it and leave me a review on Amazon. Seriously, I need the love from you. :) I am so excited!
Got to run. The people at Panera are probably wondering if I've moved in.

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