Double Shot

I had just a few hours to myself this week. Jeff was out of town, and I was running like crazy to juggle the kids and work and writing and house stuff and meals and everything else. So when I found myself with a couple of free minutes, I did what any girl would do. Swing by Starbucks and pick up a Cotton Candy frap.

I never like it when Jeff leaves town. I'm one of those crazy people who gets freaked out when she's alone and ends up calling the police at 2 am because there's a suspicious car at a stop sign outside of my house. Lucky for me, my awesome friend Sam was totally up for a sleepover and hung out with me and the kids. Basically, that made everything so much nicer. I missed Jeff--but not in the slightly paranoid, crazy, calling-the-cops way that I normally do when he's gone. :)

Everything went great . . . except for the spider situation.

Yeah so we had church friends over Sunday night. Then they left and Sam stayed. And then she found a spider in the basement. A creepy spider. I looked at her and said, "Maybe we should call and ask Jerad to come back and help us." She seemed to think I was kidding.

Oh but I wasn't.

Right, I'm the grown-up woman here with kids who needs to kill the spider. Ohhhhkay. I nonchalantly go downstairs, then not-so-nonchalantly climb on the bed and throw lotion bottles, hoping the spider will move from his spot. Doesn't happen. But I can't help screaming every time I throw a bottle, in case he does move. Thinking that calling Jerad is going to be a must, I finally come up with the idea to use bug spray (or hairspray if I can't find any). I find some bug spray, spray the spider, scream like crazy, then jump down and kill the spider.

I had to do this TWICE while Jeff was gone.

Seriously. I was reminded of why I got married and how much I love Jeff and how our marriage is extremely important.

We've lived in this rental house for a month and I've never seen a spider. Now I kill TWO while Jeff is gone. Tragic. He's not allowed to leave again for maybe a year. Anyway, other than the spiders, we had a good week. Our sweet friend Sam was great. And I had time for a Cotton Candy Frappuccino. Which I recommend. I'm just so thankful for the people in my life.

Even in these hectic weeks when I'm feeling like I'll be working so much till April--the people around us make such a difference. We had pizza with friends tonight and it was so nice to just be with friends and let the kids play and take it easy for an evening. Sometimes I'm so busy that it's nice when people just remind me to come be together and let things go for an hour or two.

A friend asked me if I'm anxious for our house to be built and ready. I suppose I'll feel that way eventually. But, you know, for right now I'm really enjoying being in our rental house. I like change, and being in a new place feels refreshing to me somehow. I'm grateful, to be honest, for where we are and for the journey we're on. Today was a beautiful Colorado day. Ash took a leprechaun trap to school and Linc only wanted to watch superhero episodes all afternoon. I was thinking to myself, This is totally what I signed up for. Crying kids at times. Spiders every now and then. Chocolate milk on the floor. Last-minute pizza dinners with close friends. Frustration and forgiveness in my relationship with Jeff. Writing as the hours tick by at night. Rushing to drop cupcakes at Ash's class and rushing to get to staff meeting. Lincoln's head on my shoulder and Ash racing to brush her teeth and get jammies on so she can watch a movie at bedtime. My sisters and parents calling me on the phone. An email from my dad. Jeff texting me.

Family life. It's what I signed up for.

And I would so do it again.

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