Rocky Roads

This week has been a rocky one for me.

It's only Monday.

After a wonderful Friday connecting with old friends, Linc came down with a fever Saturday. You know how that goes. Sick kids and tired moms and dads for as long as the illness lasts. Long days and longer nights. Parents frustrated with each other. We took Linc to the clinic on Sunday, at which point an unhelpful doctor was rude and condescending to me and I had to leave trying to calm down and pray for grace.

So it's been a long few days and will continue to be. I'm under a deadline this week to add to my list.

Did I mention it's only Monday?

Right. Linc just started crying again and Jeff ran upstairs. Another long night ahead of us, I'm thinking.

It's okay. We all go through it.

I think my family needs a vacation. After the sniffles are all gone. And I'm talking about sniffles for more than just Linc. All of us are tired over here.

We need spring, don't you think? It's supposed to be here, but then again, it's supposed to snow Thursday. We need sunshine and flowers. Here in Colorado, I think we're all feeling very ready for sunshine and flowers and warm weather. Easter is coming and I'm so glad. The reminder of rebirth and hope and life and beauty and Jesus.

Easter is coming, loveys.

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