Table for Two

(c)Steve Smith
Single food critic Mandy Seymour meets dashing chef Leonardo Romano--a match made in culinary heaven! :) So the story goes. I'm SO excited to tell you that my novel Table for Two is officially out. I hope you'll hop over and buy a copy. Or if you've read it, hop over and leave a review!
There's something super special about seeing your book in print. All those words--you're not sure how, but they turned into a story and it all came together. This past week I've been mailing out copies for the book blog tour in April (I'll keep you posted on that), making sure our library has stocked a copy, and getting one of my fave bookstores, Tattered Cover, to stock Table for Two as well. (So for my Denver friends, you should be able to find it on the shelves at Tattered Cover soon! Yay!) It's all fun stuff, just a bit time consuming if you add it to your list that's already spilling out the door. But such is life!
This morning I'm tired, loveys. Last week was crazy busy for me and left me with a killer headache and this neck pain that seems to stick around. You know how some days you just don't have much left? You know you need to recharge? Right. I know you've been there too. I'm there this morning. I need space to breathe. I'm working on the third book in this series and I feel I connect with my main character, who's in need of the same thing. A little extra endurance. Encouragement. Rest. Things that can feel out of our reach at times.
But they're not. Even if it feels that way every now and then (or more often that that). Jesus says, "Cast your cares on me, for I care for you." I'm reminding myself of that this morning. You might need that little reminder too. We're not alone even in the hectic days. Or the quiet days when all those thoughts weigh on your mind. 
My brother-in-law's father passed away on Thursday. That's been heavy on my heart. Sara and Nemo and all of Nemo's precious family--all of them missing their dad who was such a special person.  I'm reminded of how fragile we are.
And strong enough at the same time.
Sometimes faith is all we have left. So we hold on to it, and have to let go of everything else for a moment. And sometimes it keeps us afloat, just barely.
Letting go--it makes me think of Jeff's dad. And Nathaniel's dad. And Michelle's mom. And Laurie's dad. And my Mimi . . . People I love who've had to let go for now of people who can never be replaced. You've probably been there too and someone's name comes to mind. And we're never quite the same. And faith becomes so important. Because it's about holding on. And in seasons of letting go--we need something to hold on to. 
On the fragile days, I need to hold on more than ever. Holding on and letting go . . . I think that Christianity can be summed up by those two things. And it occurs to me that on the fragile days, we need to feel loved. At least, I do. A friend stopped by for coffee this morning and I just needed to tell her all my feelings. So that she could hear and care. Because I needed her to this morning. There are days we need to be loved. So let's love each other. Be that difference in each other's life. Hold on to each other while we can. Let go when there's no choice, and then cling to God.



  1. Thank you for always loving and caring even on those fragile days.
    Love you! ...and only if amazon could ship our books any quicker???? You did it!! we are so so happy for you!

  2. Blogging around and found your blog. Yes you are right, sometimes we are very fragile and letting go is as important as holding on. Thank you so much for letting me visit.


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