Blizzard, you know. Same old, same old.

April. Snowstorm. It reminds me of when my sister got married.

So what's new with you guys? Well, I told you we were living with the plague this week. Linc has been out of daycare ALL week because he's been so sick. Finally, the fever has broken and he's doing better. (If you're wondering if I'm seriously annoyed at that doctor who wouldn't give us medicine, the answer is YES. He still has an awful cold.) Now Ash is coughing today. Naturally. So despite the snowstorm outside, we're staying warm and coughy cozy inside. I have a feeling I'll be watching a million hours of superman/batman/avengers cartoons all days. Makes me long for the days of Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians, to be honest. But I have Spiderman for a son, so superheroes and bad guys seem to be a major part of my life. I never expected this really. Coming from an all-girl (except for my dad) household, we were a girly group. But literally, Linc and Ash refer to each other as "Superman" and "Wonder Woman." I am "Queen Wonder Woman," if I'm lucky.

So it's been a rough week over here. Ash has still been on spring break and with Linc out of daycare because of the fever, Jeff and I have been juggling the kids back and forth while trying to actually go to work. Not my best week. You can't exactly ask friends to watch your kids when they have the plague. Thankfully, being home today is good for us. I need a day home with these kiddos. (Cough medicine around the clock.) So it's a jammies and cartoons and medicine and watching-the-snow-from-the-window kind of day. The snow is gorgeous today, but truly, we are SO ready for spring and sandals and sunshine giving us freckles.

The kids have disappeared into the basement for a moment (more superhero stuff), so I'm actually getting to watch the Pioneer Woman. Now I'm starving and wishing I was having lunch at her house, since lunch at my house is destined to be grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's chicken soup. (The sandwiches are still not for-sure on the menu since I'm having to cook. Probably I'll talk myself into it.)

Anyway, it's been one of those weeks that every mom knows so well. Low energy, sick, whiny kids, lack of sleep, still a ton of work to do, and so on. And it's one of those weekends jam-packed with stuff going on. Some of which I may just have to forego and recognize my limitations. There are moments in my life when God reminds me of my limitations and it's a good thing. There are other moments in my life when God reminds me I can do all things through Him. Days and seasons for the different times of our lives, loveys. Breathing in and breathing out.

I finished book 3 in my series for Heartsong and that has been such a good feeling. (Nancy, I'm just about ready for that night out to celebrate, love!) I connected with book 3 in a different way from books one and two. For book one (and I won't give spoilers in case you don't know Leo and Mandy yet!), the story just flowed out of me. I loved the characters and the story came easily. Book two was harder, mainly due to where I was in my life. I'd had my car accident. I just wasn't physically able to do as much as I normally could. My workload hadn't lessened at my real job, it was holiday season, my beloved grandmother Mimi passed away, and we had our house on the market. But still, I found that book's storyline to be maybe the most fun to write because the characters just came to life for me and kept pushing me for more.

Book 3 came right on the heels of book two. Still going to therapy, sold the house and having to move, book projects--good grief. But writing it was a blessing for me. I connected with my main character. And the story came together and now it's sent off to my editor.

All three . . . finished. I don't even know how I feel about it. Good, of course. But at the same time, a little sad to be finished with those characters. I've had some friends ask where they can find the book. They do carry them in places like Walmart, but they usually don't stock very many so they go quickly. Here in Denver, Tattered Cover will be carrying them. You can get them easily at or or or, of course. They have e-book versions that are easily downloadable. And there are a lot of Heartsong/Harlequin subscribers who get them in the mail. Our library has a copy and you can request for your library to get a copy too, if you want to check it out through the library.

And a reminder to all my lovely friends who've read it, don't forget to leave a review on or Goodreads or wherever! I SO appreciate every review and it's helpful for the publisher to see feedback. So take a few minutes to do that, if you will! Really, I'll love you forever. I'm doing a blog book tour later this month, and I'll post more on that so you can see all the blogs reviewing the book. I'll also be doing a Q&A on Goodreads later this month too. I'll share that link when it's time.   

And if you read it and enjoyed it and haven't read Looks Like Love, you should totally check it out! Just go to the Looks Like Love tab on this page. I'm so, so grateful for all my sweet friends who've bought Table for Two and are reading it now! Thank you!

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