Dear Jeff

So below is the note I wrote to Jeff today. I woke up with all these good intentions that my house was going to be spic-and-span clean by 10:30 a.m. But instead, I was writing a story, cleaning up a mess Linc made, then squeezing in a 10:30 conference call with my boss. Now we have a birthday party to go to in two hours, and I've talked myself out of cleaning until later.

Intentions only get you so far, I suppose. But there are worse things in life than putting off cleaning house another day. Linc's actually asleep right now, which means I could be cleaning, but then I chance being loud and waking him up. Priorities, loveys. During my conference call with my boss today as we talked about projects and such, I reminded him that I must have time to wear my other hat. My potty-training Lincoln hat. He said he'll keep in mind that I need time for potty-training my child.

It's actually going well; I cannot complain. Linc is being cooperative. I think not rushing him before now has helped. He actually seems to be ready (not the case with my first attempts with Ashtyn; that's another, tragic story). I noticed my friend gives her daughter a marshmallow when she goes potty. Lincoln gets about 25 per time. :) That's how we roll, loveys.

So Ashtyn's parent/teacher conference was last night, and I find those discouraging. Probably not for all parents. And there are good aspects, but there are discouraging ones for us as well. I've been reminding myself this morning that kindergarten doesn't need to be a major source of anxiety (for me, not Ash. She's fine). It's one of those times where I'm reminded that I need to be a pro-active parent and I also need to be okay with challenges.

Our lives are full, aren't they?

Mine is. And yet, right now, I have a quiet moment where I'm sitting here typing, listening to birds chirp outside because just maybe spring is coming to Colorado, I had a good cup of coffee this morning and I have a son who's had a million marshmallows today because he's really trying at potty-training.

I'm blessed.

My neck is hurting. I have a lot of work projects to juggle. My house needs to be cleaned. I have a lot to do.

I am blessed.


Perspective, loveys. We have so much.

Easter is coming. It hasn't felt so much like Easter to me yet. I think it's because we're in a rental house. Don't ask why. I just think that's part of it maybe. I can't find my cookbooks. All my nice plates are packed. Sara and Nemo are coming over Saturday (which I'm thrilled about) and we'll be eating Easter dinner on paper plates. Sara and I grew up on paper plates so we're totally okay with this. :)  But I guess I've been feeling lately the reality of things being packed away and out of reach (and having no idea where they are in the sea of boxes). And all of that is okay. I will use foil since I have no idea where the lids are to my Corningware. And I'll be with my husband and my children and my sweet sister and brother-in-law and I'll remember how much I love my family. Sara and I have both had our Mimi on the brain lately. We keep talking about her. We're having roast for our Easter dinner in honor of Mimi. She used to make a delicious roast when our family got together. This is the first Easter she's spending in heaven. We still miss her. And we'll share stories and eat roast and remember, most of all, we are blessed.

Easter is coming.

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