Forever After . . . a Faith Post

So it's Easter. And I'm a believer so that means something special to me.

I've been thinking about that this morning--after all the craziness that goes on in making Easter baskets last night, getting the kids ready for church this morning and getting us all fed and out the door and then getting annoyed when the parking attendants want me to park a mile from the church when there are a dozen spots close up. Then driving past said parking attendants who are now annoyed with me.

I was thinking today about how sometimes I wish we could strip away everything else and just be quiet before God.

Do you ever need that? I really do. And when it's nearly impossible to have time alone apart from twenty minutes in the shower (and sometimes the kids are still yelling at the door)--stripping everything else away can get difficult. I love our church. I really do. And church is about coming together, so getting quiet before God doesn't always happen in that setting. But in church today (the service was great at our church today, btw), I was thinking about the early Christians. And how they didn't have the hype and the show that goes along with our church services today. It was probably just a group of people, voices lifted to God in song, maybe some instruments, most often not. They didn't have light shows and concert stuff and coffee stations. It was just people coming together, desperately needing to hear from God. As I merged with big crowds of people at church today, I saw a few people I know, but there are lots of us, so I didn't know most of the people. I didn't know the couple in front of me or the family next to me, but they seemed like great people. And to be honest, my spirit was frustrated with the parking attendant who rolled her eyes at me. And I'm already tired and it's 8:45 in the morning. I'm worn out, and it's just the beginning of our day.

And then the message starts and Jeff holds my hand and Doug starts talking about how the tomb is empty.

And everything else strips away for just one moment. And I feel this voice in my heart whisper to me, That's what it's about, remember? Let everything else go. It's you and Me forever after. That's what the resurrection was about. That's what the cross was about. That's why you're here. Because you believe it. You believe Me. Forever after.

Like a fairy tale.

Except it's real. On the days where I'm scratching to hold on to my faith. On the days where I'm wrapped up in it and I know God's got me. Every day--it all comes down to Easter. That's what solidified our forever after. And I grasp it and hold it and remind myself that it's that faith, that belief, that matters. That's the real part.

I'll just be real with you, lovey. For a moment, I missed our little church growing up. Only a piano and a hundred or so people singing Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine--but every one of us was singing and down to the smallest child, we all knew the words by heart. And I knew everybody.

But right where I was, the person Who mattered was whispering to me, You and Me, forever after. The tomb is empty.  

And I'm reminded that I'm in love with Jesus.

Sara and Nemo were at our house for dinner last night and we talked late into the night about people we know who are hurting, people truly suffering--and honestly, today, I just kept thinking that God doesn't care where I park. He doesn't care if the lighting is cool. There are Christians all over the world right now, worshipping God without that stuff, without hardly anything in some cases. God wants me in the moment, reaching out to Him, my heart crying because Easter means that love wins. In the middle of the service, as the pastor spoke, God quieted my soul. I felt this reminder to strip away all the parts that are about impressing people, and hold on to the parts that are about loving God.

Easter. Love wins. He is risen.

He came back for us.

He's still coming back for us.

So from my family to yours, Happy Easter, loveys. And if the day starts to feel a bit much, if the candy rush starts to get to you--it's okay to stop for a minute and take a breath and strip away all those things aren't what today is about. It's okay to need peace, to need quiet, to want to just let your heart fill up with praise and be thankful because the tomb is empty. It's Easter. It's about what He did for us.

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  1. Loved every word of this friend! It was all so so true!


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