Mommy Hulk and Life's Delights

So, I'm sitting here watching Beautiful Creatures with my sweet friend Sam, and thinking about the last few days. It was date night for the Bruce's Friday night and we went to dinner with our lovely friends John and June. So fun. It's been a really long time since Jeff and I were able to just sit and talk with friends until the people at the restaurant flick the lights to let us know it's closing time. A really long time. The food was delicious. Jeff and John both ordered the same thing. It was pretty hilarious when the waiter brought out two little skinny plates for Jeff and John, then brought the girls' plates. My plate and June's were so huge they filled half the table! :) Really, I'm so thankful for time with friends. When you've got little ones, there just never seems to be enough time to even have a complete conversation! So Friday was extra special. Conversation and friends. Isn't that an excellent combination?

Children and conversation is another one of life's delights. Truly, I needed a date night out since the last few days have been filled with moments of mommy yelling and kids driving me nuts, and then I'll turn right around and Ash and Linc will say something adorable and make me melt. Yesterday, Linc kept calling me "Mommy Hulk." Hilarious. The boy is so comic-crazed. He's into Batman and Superman and Spiderman and every villain like Joker. Yesterday he said he was green hulk, then he got this thoughtful look on his face and said, "Well, maybe red hulk." I'm like, You're two! How in the world do you keep up with all these characters? I'm realizing that Ash is getting to the age where we can have actual conversations and it's just so cool. I look at this precious little blond-haired girl and think, I am so, so lucky you're mine. (Of course, then she can make me crazy in the next minute. But I'm thinking every mom has those moments. They pass. But the love always stays.) I was saying goodnight to Linc tonight--and I wanted to memorize his voice because it was just so precious. And funny! Kids say the funniest things!

Speaking of good conversation, so after the fun of last night, Sara and I went to tea today. Tea with my mother and sisters is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Sara and I just love to go have tea together. So we had an Irish-themed tea and brunch today in Denver, which was just so fun. Another of life's delights. Sisters and tea parties. And conversation and sharing. I love coming away from conversation feeling graced and filled and happy and thankful and wishing it could have lasted even longer. We need that in our lives. Especially when our days are filled with tiring tasks and so much to do and so much to give. Those days are blessings, too, and part of life. But we need moments where we feel nourished and connected with people around us too. I had just a few hours to myself yesterday. As a mom, you know how rare that can be--time alone. And I was reminded that those times alone can be so good for us. The quiet. The stillness.

But then, some moments we need connection. We need conversation. Listening and sharing and laughing and encouraging and being who we are. And there are those moments in life . . .  our children reaching for us and calling for us and chattering away to us.

Life's delights.

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