Thoughts on Love Stories

If life is a story, I want mine to be a romance, with a few parts adventure.

I've had stories on the brain lately. It's just part of who I am, I suppose. So Friday night was girls' night out. Some sweet girlfriends and I got together to celebrate the release of Table for Two. It was part book launch and part dinner party, and it was a great night. We talked about meaningful books, we read fun book quotes, we had drinks and dinner--the best kind of night. It meant so much to me to have my sister and my friends there, supporting me and celebrating with me. I'm really so thankful. For my friends here who've bought the book and read it, and the friends far from me (in distance but always close to my heart) who've bought and read the book and always offer encouragement--it makes all the difference. 
Since I was a middle schooler reading the Christy Miller series and hoping that Christy and Todd would end up together, I've been hooked on a good romance. Maybe that's why I love Jane Austen's stories so much. And romantic comedies. A good love story just leaves you happy. That's the kind of story I like to read. That's the kind of story I love to write. And that's the kind of story we like to live, right? Love, romance, happily ever after.

I've been married for more than eleven years. Long enough to know that those three elements are part of the equation--but not the only parts. There's way more to it than that. But still, they matter. Sometimes happily-ever-after looks like a little blond girl and a brown-eyed boy who run around me in circles. Sometimes it looks like Jeff taking care of things when I'm sick or too tired. Sometimes it looks like pizza and a movie and family time on Friday nights.

When you write a love story, you've got your hero and heroine, but there are always other characters. Because happily-ever-after includes best friends and sisters and moms and dads and people. It has to. We need people.

Marriage. Children. Family. Good days. Hard days. Happy days. Broken days.

It might not be perfect. But it's still a love story. And love stories are worth telling. And worth living out. I'm grateful for my own personal love story. It's not perfect. That's okay. It takes work. That's okay. I think even Lizzie and Mr. Darcy would have had a few hard days as well. Don't you? It's still a fabulous love story.

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  1. Beautiful! And yes. Life is a love story. So thankful God intended it that way and allows us to see glimpses of it in our families, kids and husbands and dear friends.


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