A Lincoln Post

So, I'm by no means a great scrapbooker. However, I have one scrapbook for both kids where I try to do pages for special occasions. Birthdays, first day of school--that sort of thing. And where I try to mention milestones of the kids. The scrapbook is packed who-knows-where in our garage while we're in this rental, and I was thinking that Linc is racing past all these milestones and I'm not keeping track. I figured I'd do a Lincoln post to refer back to later.

So when we moved into the rental house (late February 2014), we decided to transition Linc to a big-boy bed (aka toddler bed). The real reason for this is that Jeff didn't want to have to put together the crib again! It seemed like a good time and from that VERY FIRST NIGHT, it was the easiest transition ever. He didn't get out of his bed. He slept totally fine in a new big room in a new house in a new bed. Easy peasy and I'm so glad we did it. In March we started to think it might be time to attempt to remove the paci from Linc's life. In the new house, he kept losing his paci, and this ended up being the opportunity we were looking for. He couldn't find it and so we just kept "looking" (day after day!). It was never found. He never cried for it or begged for it. He still brings it up sometimes, but I remind him that it's lost. And he's fine with it. Again, easy peasy! Then came the major decision. All of Linc's classmates moved up to preschool, but he couldn't because he wasn't potty-trained.


Potty-training is not my favorite.

But we decided to try (this was sparked somewhat by realizing my friend Lauren's 18-month-old was practically potty-trained!). So we started the first week of April. Honestly, my son is a rock star. He got it this time around in just a couple of days. He's still in pull-ups (for night-time accidents and such), but for weeks now he's done awesome and he got to move up to preschool with his buddies.

Milestones galore! Big-boy bed, check. No paci, check. Potty-trained, check. Rock star son, check. All in the span of about 3 months! It's been a busy spring for Lincoln Bruce.

Just as a reminder to myself for the scrapbook, Lincoln's interests right now are pretty focused on one thing: SUPERHEROES. The kid wants to be Batman or Superman or Spiderman, depending on the day. He sleeps in Batman pajamas. We read from our Spiderman book before bedtime; we rent all the comic-book-cartoons from the library. We have a Spiderman toothbrush. I spend my days at home to the soundtrack of Iron Man cartoons. He wears Spiderman undies. We have one million Imaginext superhero toys to go with our Gotham Jail and Batman Cave. It's intense.

And so adorable.

When I tell him to be careful or warn him about things--he reminds me that nothing can happen to him because he's a superhero. But he's not always the good guy. He happens to love the villains too, so we're stuck with him being Joker sometimes.

He drinks more grape juice than any other child on Earth. Not kidding. (Just as a side note, I can't drink grape juice. Every time I try, I feel like I'm at communion!)

He sings his ABCs (the best he can) and he's counting pretty well (maybe up to 13 or 14). The kid still has the gorgeous tan he was born with. His dark eyes are beautiful. His hair curls up. He can't say his Ls, so he uses Ws instead. For instance, if you ask him his name, the answer will be, "Wincoln." His voice is so adorable and I love hearing him talk. And if I'm distracted, he get's mad and yells, "Mommy! Talk to me!" Strong-willed, this one. :)

He's up every morning by 6:30, coming into my room and telling me he's hungry for breakfast and cartoons. He wants oatmeal every day and yogurt (don't forget grape juice). He's quick to say, "I love you." He loves playing with Sissy. He loves to cuddle.

And we absolutely adore him.

Lincoln, you're the superhero I always wanted. You're awesome, kiddo. Mommy loves you.

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