Breathe in Summer

So last night I stayed till closing at a local restaurant, chatting with a good friend of mine (and literary agent) who's in town at the moment. It was one of those conversations where we want to talk about so many things that we can go from La Boheme to the Food Network in a span of seconds. From deep theology to book deals in one sentence.

It was a good night. Sharing thoughts and laughter over dinner and coffee. (Thank you, Bill Jensen! You're awesome!)

There's something so great about connecting with people. Hearing and listening and sitting around a table together. Talking about faith and food and life experiences. Building relationship with people in our lives. Really, those are some of my favorite kind of nights. Like last night. And Friday night. We had Mark and Nancy and the kids come over, and again, it's that feeling of just sitting with people who know you and talking late into the night. The sun goes down, dinner plates are cleared and dessert is served, and conversation and laughter fill the house (along with the sound of our kids yelling and barreling up and down the stairs!). Nancy's son, Joey, was running around and afterward I told Jeff that Joey looks so grown-up. I remember going to the hospital to meet him soon after he was born. They grow so fast.

It was a good night.

It got me thinking about our move to the new house in late July. I love our rental house but I'm so excited to move into our home where I can decorate and make each room the way I want it to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an expert decorator or anything. But I like to make our rooms feel like home to my little family. I can't wait to set up Ash's room and make it a place she will love to go to. And I can't wait to have friends sit around our table and fill the house with life. Because a beautiful room without people in it is just empty space.

Not that we always need to be surrounded. I'm also looking forward to quiet mornings with just coffee and my laptop in the new office.

But I like community. I want girlfriends to come over for brunch. I want couple friends to come over for dinner parties or just pizza nights.

(I want the Jeffster to finish the basement quickly even though I originally said he can take as long as he wants! Sorry, babe! I'm just envisioning movie nights downstairs!)

Dreaming. It's fun. It doesn't take away from what we have now, but the anticipation and excitement of what's coming is something to enjoy. 

I'm breathing summer today. I opened the front door as we left to take Ash to school this morning, and Linc announces, "It's a nice sunny day!" So true, my love. We picked up doughnuts afterward and I made a cup of coffee once we got home. Now a slightly sleepy little two-year-old is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I'm thinking about the weekend and the gorgeous weather outside. It's a super busy week for me. I've got a graduation to go to. Important meetings and conference calls. A zoo field trip. Work that must be done. Food cooking in the crockpot to take this evening to some friends who just had a baby.

Blessings. All blessings.

Breathe in summer, lovey. It's nearly here for us in Colorado. Whatever you've got that fills your schedule this week, just take a second and breathe in and breathe out and be thankful where you can.  

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