Cheesecake and Other Addictions

Loveys, so I've got about five minutes before I leave to brave the zoo all day with my kids on a class field trip. (Pray for me.) They're all slathered up with sunscreen and we have enough fruit roll ups if there's a natural disaster and we have to run for our lives and survive on sugar.

Speaking of sugar...

So today I'm sharing a recipe! Harlequin asked me to share a recipe that I thought might be on the menu for my new book releasing in July, the Second Chance CafĂ©. Whohooo! I'm happy to do so. If you've ever had dinner at my house, or been in a small group with me, then you've probably tried my chocolate chip cheesecake. It's the kind of recipe where every time I've ever made it, friends want the recipe. And it's because I love you guys that I'm sharing it with you now. :)

Try it. Seriously, it will be your new dessert to impress all your friends. Enjoy, loveys!


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