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So, we're going to take a little trip down memory lane for a moment as I explain why I was interested in using this product! Once upon a time I was a girl with braces. I got braces before my senior year of high school. Yes, I was wearing braces in my senior pictures. Yes, I was still wearing them for my first year of college and beyond that. In fact, I was wearing braces on my first date with Jeff. Seriously. I had to leave the restaurant a little early to make an orthodontist appointment on time. Braces were painful and awful and all of the above--and I'd endure them all over again because of how nice it is to have them off and see straight teeth in the mirror. Really, thanks, Mom and Dad, for paying for braces! They made all the difference! And I'm thankful for the orthodontist/oral surgeon appointments, even the surgery (where my lower jaw was broken and reset and I was wired shut for six weeks and lost more than 15 pounds; it's a good thing I'd gained that Freshman 15, I guess!). Anyway, after all that mess of braces and surgery and such, I had my teeth whitened at the dentist. I'd been wearing porcelain braces for two years or more so it was a good idea. And so not only did I get to look in the mirror and see straight teeth, I got to see white, straight teeth! Hallelujah again! :)

So anyway, when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their product, I was suddenly 17 again, very willing to have my teeth whitened. (Thank you!) I haven't used it as frequently as I think you're supposed to (this is because I have very sensitive teeth), but it's still produced some good results. If you've seen Austenland with Keri Russell (love that movie, by the way), you know that scene where the girl has this little light and she's using it to brighten her teeth? Right. That's what Smile Brilliant is all about.

Anyway, back to memory lane. Thinking back on wearing braces--it feels like a lifetime ago! Sometimes it's crazy to me that Jeff and I have been married for more than 11 years. And that I have two children. And that I've been a book editor for 10 years. Wow. Time is moving like a rollercoaster. Summer is about to be here. (Or so we keep thinking--then the weather is freezing and we wake up with frost on the ground here in Colorado!) My goal for summer is to make some good memories with the kids. To enjoy the weather and have girlfriends over for brunch, despite the fact that my plates are packed. Hopefully our house will be ready in late July and we'll be moving in and feeling settled and I can find things before fall arrives.

My goal is to have a summer where I love my family well and I pray a lot more.

What are your goals for summer, lovey?

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