100 Days of Summer

Loveys, how was your weekend? Plenty of rest time, play time, or both? I feel like we had a jam-packed weekend and I loved it. I've started hash-tagging (is that a word) my photos this summer with #100daysofsummer. I was thinking about how fast these three months go by--June, July, and August. And how those three months give us about 100 days, and how I want them to be meaningful. Even if it means an on-purpose pajama/movie day for me and the kids. Or a date night sans kids for me and Jeff.

So far our summer has consisted of VBS (vacation Bible school) for Ashtyn and cheer camp for Ashtyn. Day care for both kids so Mommy can keep her job! I wanted so much to do swimming lessons for Ashtyn but that might not happen. Last summer was great with a trip to Texas and Louisiana in early May. This year we're not doing a big trip (as far as we've planned right now) so I want us to do some fun things around here. Lucky for us, Colorado is a great place for fun.

Last weekend we were in Beaver Creek where we went for a hike, did some fishing, and went to the Bacon Festival at Keystone. I love being up in the mountains. So fun. This weekend we kept up our #100daysofsummer with having fun here at home. A little hike. A little pool time. And a BBQ with precious friends we've known for a long time.

The truth is that I can be kind of introverted and staying home and just reading and watching movies sounds like super-fun time to me. But my goal is to have an intentional summer. Key word being intentional. Create memories for these amazing kids God has given me. Enjoy this beautiful place God has brought us to. Savor summer and the delights that come with it.
So the goal to be intentional helps me with finding things to do and getting me outside and capturing these memories on camera for my kids. Even something as inexpensive as going to the neighborhood pool helps my kids associate fun splash time with summer. I know some moms are great about wanting to do that kind of thing all the time. This mom has to set a goal and plan it, or it might not happen. I keep hoping we'll get a carnival this summer. I think cotton candy and rides would thrill my children. :)

So we ended up driving out to our friends Jenny and Rich's house this Sunday for a BBQ, along with our friends Nancy and Mark. Such a great time. You can see all the delicious food above. Those are the kind of nights you wish could go on and on. It's refreshing to be with great friends. Saturday after church we went to the movies and ran into our friends Josh and Sherilyn, and it turned into an impromptu double date, and by the end of the night, Jeff and I were feeling so lucky that we'd been able to laugh and talk and be with people we care about. We were worn out from a long day with these kids of ours, and we needed grown-up time. Hanging out with Josh and Sherilyn was a bonus!

I want to associate summer with BBQs and friendships and ice-cream cones on the back porch. Memory-making happening here, loveys! Jenny has this sign in her adorable kitchen that says EAT and I love it. I associate all good things with food, so it seemed perfect. Holidays, birthdays, seasons--they all seem to connect with food for me.

Summer seems to go by fast in Colorado. And while I absolutely love autumn and everything that comes with it, I want these sunny warm days to last as long as possible. I want to be intentional with these #100daysofsummer.

Jenny and Nancy--I love you girls so much and Sunday night was perfect. Sherilyn, Saturday night was extra special because you guys were there. Sarah, the Pioneer Woman's lazy chiles rellenos were even better sharing them with you!

Life lived in community with sweet friends makes everything taste just a little better, don't you think? 100 days of summer, loveys. Make them count.

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  1. Love you friend! it was such a great evening with you and Jenny..laughter, food and giggling kids. When summer comes I just think of my tropical land...I just even get emotional at the word summer - feels like kenya so I soak it in too and pretend I am in Kenya!!!

    love Nance


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