24 Hours

A day in the life. That's what we've got here. How's your day been, loveys? What have your hours and minutes and seconds been filled with? Here's a glimpse at the Bruce family:

So as usual, Linc was up by 6:30 and I drag myself out of bed to make oatmeal and turn on Curious George. At which point, a bleary-eyed Ashtyn comes in the kitchen, wanting cereal. So while the kids are eating breakfast and watching that little monkey, I run upstairs and grab clothes. There are places to go and people to see today, lovey! Jeff gets ready, and once Linc is ready and fed, they take off for day care. Ash and Mommy get dressed and ready and take off. Ash has had Vacation Bible School all week (thank the Lord in heaven for all those volunteers who do VBS! Seriously, what a great blessing to us parents). I zoom off to work. When I get there, I realize that I've left the manuscript I've worked on all week at home.

Very uncool.

So I do a few other things and realize I need to leave a little early to get home in time to call my typesetter and work with her from the house. Talk to people in the office, give our intern some instructions for a project I need her help with, respond to emails, then head back home. I get home in time to call and talk with the typesetter, then have to stop and go pick up Ash (even though we're sort of having a lightening storm outside!). The rain gushes just as I leave. I grab Ash, who is freaking out about the lightening; we go home. Jeff and Linc are already having lunch, so I gather up my manuscript, head to the bedroom after I tell Jeff he's got to watch the kids for probably twenty more minutes, call my typesetter and finish what I need to do.

Jeff leaves, and I finally sit down for lunch (and to read maybe one chapter of A Dance with Dragons). I decide we're doing tacos and Mexican rice for dinner, one of Ash's favorites. After lunch, kids have to lay down for at least an hour of rest time.

Linc wakes up early; I think he had a bad dream. He's super fussy whatever the reason. It's pretty sketch regarding whether Ash rested at all, but we'll hope for the best. Still looking stormy and rainy outside. Snack time for Linc and more of that monkey while Ash changes clothes ten times and plays dress up and school.

I remember that I didn't have coffee this morning. Score! Afternoon cup of coffee headed my way, then I get to watch Ash with her latest dance moves and hope I can get Linc to be a little less fussy. Maybe we'll go for a drive and see the new house. Probably not. Ash is deep in the dress-up mode. I've never seen this dance before, but she tells me it's called "The Mexican." I'll have to ask her Grandma about that.

We've got an hour and a half before the Jeffster's home. The days feel long to me, lovey. This day has felt full to me and it's only 3:15.

That's okay.

Days and hours and seconds and minutes make up a life. It's 3:15 and I feel a little worn out--but thankful. The manuscript is just about finished. Linc had a great day at day care. Ash got to learn about Jesus at VBS. Jeff had to drive to see a client 45 minutes away unexpectedly, but it worked out and he was able to do it this morning. Ingredients for tacos and rice and beans are ready and waiting for dinner for my family tonight, and I'm looking forward to cooking for us. Jeff rented Jack Ryan from Redbox, so once the kids are in bed, I know I get to watch a movie with the Jeffster.

I'm thinking about tomorrow--I get to babysit my sweet friend's children in the morning, and my kids are going to be thrilled to have playmates. Fun times! Then we load up for lunch at another friend's house, which I'm so looking forward to. Friday is busy for me as well.

Minutes and hours. Some fly by, some go so slowly.

But it's good. It's work and cleaning up and getting things done. It's tacos for dinner with my family. It's vanilla-cream floats made with Blue Bell ice cream while Jeff and I watch a movie. It's life and hugs and kisses.

Cloudy skies and lots to do.


What's your day look like, lovey? What blessings are all around you?

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